What’s new in Brussels? Recent developments in European policies and programmes

Brussels, 9 February 2018

ACA will start its 2018 European Policy Seminars (EPS)’ season with the by now traditional start-of-the-year event. What’s new in Brussels? will take place on 9 February 2018. Where? In Brussels, of course.  Like every year, this one-day event will provide an excellent opportunity for a compact update on the latest news in European policy and education programmes. The news will come straight from the lion’s mouth.   

As is already an ACA tradition, the 2018 edition of What’s new in Brussels? will feature as speakers and discussants senior officials and specialists from the European Commission and the European Parliament. Not only are they top-notch presenters, but they also have a lot of news to announce.  For important developments are taking place right now and this will continue all through the year 2018. 

First, the seminar will present a new Commission Communication, inspired greatly by France’s President Emmanuel Macron, on the creation of a European Education Area 2025, which will also entail the building of 20 European world-class universities.  

Second, the event will showcase the results of the interim evaluations of the Erasmus+ and the Horizon 2020 programmes. 

Finally, the seminar will take a look at the future, in the guise of the new generation of programmes - Erasmus ++ and FP9 - starting in 2021, for which preparations have already begun. What these programmes hold in store for Europe’s higher education institutions is the most exciting question behind this seminar.