Internationalisation matters! Enhancing the quality and relevance of European higher education

28 February 2018, Brussels

Internationalisation plays a crucial role for supporting quality enhancement within and the relevance of higher education (HE) in Europe. The European Union has a long history of supporting international cooperation and the building of a European identity through its (higher) education programmes and initiatives. Internationalisation is an important means to achieve the policy objectives outlined in higher education policies at European, national and institutional level. It is also the bread and butter of ACA member organisations, all of whom work hard to foster the internationalisation of their higher education systems. 

This event aims to:

  • take stock of the European Union’s policies and objectives in the area of international HE, 
  • to showcase important and innovative work of internationalisation agencies at member state level, 
  • to highlight how the latter support European policy aims,
  • and how they can inspire future policy and programme making.


Event co-organised by: