The impact of internationalisation – putting together the puzzle

Brussels, 11 June 2018

With the value of internationalisation of higher education being widely contested in may parts of the world – some of them most unexpected – being able to prove the impact of our own activities seems more pressing than ever. This one-day event – The impact of internationalisation – putting together the puzzle – will take place in Brussels on 11 June 2018. It will facilitate an honest and informed discussion on impact assessment at different levels – European, national, institutional, and individual – and take stock of the existing body of knowledge, data and other evidence on internationalisation of higher education. The aim is to jointly discuss and conclude what kind of impact-related questions can be answered with certainty, as well as to identity remaining gaps, to be filled by relevant research and data collection. 

The programme will feature internationalisation as a comprehensive process, as well as zoom in some key international activities, from international student and staff mobility, to joint programmes and curricular internationalisation, amongst others.

The full programme and the list of our top-notch speakers will be available in mid-April 2018.

If you are super keen, and want to register already, you can directly go to the registration page.


Bringing the expert community together for lively discussions, debates and deliberations on the current trends in innovation and internationalisation in higher education is one of ACA’s core activities. ACA’s flagship events – the European Policy Seminars (EPSs) – typically held in Brussels, offer the opportunity to interact directly with colleagues and experts around a tightly-defined topic, on a relatively small scale (conducive for networking and in-depth exchange) and in a highly-collegial environment. This event is the 56th in ACA’s EPS series.