Leading partner: ACA Secretariat

Objectives: Provide a venue for European dialogue and exchange on policy and practice concerning the integration of highly skilled refugees for the relevant European stakeholders (EU and national decision makers, HEIs, NGOs, ACA members, partners (university associations, rectors’ conferences, and wider higher education community, students and scholars from refugee and general population)). Collect stakeholder feedback on existing practices and support needs of the European higher education community to deliver a report for national and EU policymakers.

Description: A lunch-to-lunch event in Brussels, co-organised with UNICA, the event will gather some 150 participants from across Europe. It will consist of plenary and workshop-like sessions, to present ongoing project and initiatives, and allow for smaller-group exchange and practice-oriented discussions among participants.

Target group: HE stakeholders at EU, national, regional level, HEIs from Europe and beyond, refugee students and scholars, NGOs, networks and associations

Date and location: 13-14 June 2019, Brussels.

More information about the event agenda is available here

The presentations from the stakeholder event are available here.

The summary report from the event is available here.