Leading partner: ACA Secretariat

Objectives: To collect, synthetise and disseminate project results learned with the wide HE community, as well as provide recommendations for national and EU policy makers on support needs for effective integration practices of highly skilled refugees in Europe. To support practitioners through concrete examples and country reports on specific needs and contexts for implementation.

Description: The compendium will be an online repository with the aim to help practitioners, provide them with useful accounts of practices, indicate potential partners, and at the same time, to put forward a set of recommendations for decision makers at European and national level. It will be an open access tool available to all interested persons and institutions. The online multimedia compendium will contain information about and results of the GREET project, recorded webinars and their reports, report and material from the Stakeholder Forum, and the recommendations for policy makers.

Target group: European and global higher education community and other interested stakeholder groups

Tentative timeline: planned launch in September 2019.