Making ends meet -
Innovative ways of funding international students

An ACA/SI European Policy Seminar

Stockholm, 15 October 2009


Have you ever wondered what one student costs? Then you might know what the costs of one international student are. Across Europe, more countries and their universities are seeking innovative approaches to the financing of international students – a topic intrinsically linked to the funding of higher education per se. Clearly, institutions want to ensure that they can attract high quality students and young researchers in the face of increasing global competition. But are fees and scholarships the only way to do it? Are there other options? What are the legal frameworks?

All these questions require higher education professionals to understand both the policy and marketing context. The third in the series of ACA European Policy Seminars of 2009 was co-organised by the Swedish Institute (SI) and provided case studies from countries and universities across Europe so that delegates could:

  • Explore the financing of international students, based on case studies from a number of countries and universities;
  • Understand the context of setting appropriate fee levels to attract quality international students and young researchers;
  • Review the strategic potential to use scholarships at both national and institutional levels;
  • Examine innovative and new modes of financing.

22nd in the series “European Policy Seminars” of the Academic Cooperation Association