ACA Annual Conference 2009

Innovation through internationalisation

University of Warsaw
Warsaw, 13 -15 May 2009

Co-organised by Perspektywy Education Foundation
In cooperation with the University of Warsaw
and the City of Warsaw

ACA’s Annual Conferences have become a synonym for high-quality information, analysis and discussion on current policy and practice-related issues in the area of international higher education. ACA Annual Conferences address higher education representatives, such as rectors, vice-rectors, faculty and international relations staff, as well as policy-makers and practitioners from government departments, international institutions, non-governmental organisations and think tanks. They offer opportunities for learning, exchange and networking at a high level. 

The 2009 ACA Annual Conference took place in Warsaw, and was organised in collaboration with the Perspektywy Foundation, ACA’s Polish member organisation, and with the University of Warsaw, the host of the event.  The two-day conference, taking place on 14 and 15 May 2009, was preceded by a pre-conference programme, made up of a welcome reception, and a ‘discover Warsaw’ programme. On May 14, after the first conference day, a conference dinner was held for all speakers and participants.