Partners and Competitors:
Analysing the EU-US Higher Education Relationship

Brussels, 16 November 2007


Whether a role model, threat, or partner, the US has always been some sort of reference point for European higher education. Now with the development of the European Higher Education Area, the Bologna Process, and the global campaigns of many European countries to grab a share of the world’s talented minds, the US is starting to revisit one of its closest political allies from a new angle. The accelerated rate of higher education change in Europe merits great attention from the other side of the Atlantic. Reciprocally, Europe has much to learn from both the successes and mis-steps in American education. As such, we aim to explore new forms of transatlantic cooperation and evaluate the impact the Bologna reforms have on mobility recognition, and future collaboration. From university finance and governance, to diploma structure and length, to transatlantic university partnerships and programmes, this ACA seminar tackled a plethora of pertinent topics on US-EU higher education relations.

15th in the series “European Policy Seminars” of the Academic Cooperation Association