The Bologna Process in the final lap:
Outcomes of the London Ministerial Meetings

Brussels, 15 June 2007


Tracking what had been a widely anticipated event for the European Higher Education Area, ACA tackled the Bologna Process London Ministerial outcomes in its third annual ‘European Policy Seminar’. As the final and most definitive political gathering to date, the London Ministerial meetings elaborated and focussed the Bologna Agenda for its remaining years and completion in 2010. The agenda of ACA’s follow-up seminar was rich and topical, and participants had an opportunity to hear the opinions of key players on both the political and practical sides of Bologna’s progression, all of whom had attended the Ministerial meeting first hand. In addition to addressing the Trends Report and stocking taking exercises that have synthesized reforms thus far, we have also select a series of thematic reports. Participants tackled these topics in parallel sessions, face to face with the experts themselves. Such topics included: the European Qualifications Framework, the quality assurance register, and recognition. ACA also drew upon more contentious areas of Bologna such as social dimensions and access, as well as the elusive ‘external dimension’.

14th in the series “European Policy Seminars” of the Academic Cooperation Association