The admissions challenge:
Policies and tools for the admission of international students into higher education

Brussels, 1 July 2005


International admissions have become a major concern amongst many European higher education institutions. With the growing demand for higher education in some world regions and increased marketing activities by destination countries, the volume of applications from international students has been steadily increasing over the past decade in the main destination countries; and applicants’ countries of origin are ever more diverse. Many international offices originally designed to manage exchange programmes, or administrative structures designed for national admissions are overburdened with this situation. Solutions are needed at different levels – national, field-specific or institutional.

This seminar offered a forum for the discussion of possible solutions. It built on the findings of a recent ACA study on the admission of international students into higher education, which was also presented at the seminar. In addition to this, national and institutional level experts from different European backgrounds presented various models for international admissions, and discussed their usefulness.

ACA was able to win as external speakers Annette Julius (German Academic Exchange Service, Bonn), Jean-Pierre Trotignon (Edufrance / n+i, Paris), Rob Coelen (Leiden University, Leiden) and Gerben van Lent (Educational Testing Services Europe, Utrecht). The team was completed by ACA Senior Officer Franziska Muche.

6th in the series “European Policy Seminars” of the Academic Cooperation Association