Bologna at the grassroots:
The implications of the Bologna Process for higher education institutions

Brussels, 10 May 2004


The third of the European Policy Seminars focused on the Bologna Process. Its title reveals the way the subject was approached: ACA did not want to merely repeat political declarations but look into the very practical implications of the Bologna Process for higher education institutions, specifically those related to the implementation of its main elements (BMD structure, ECTS, quality assurance). The seminar included a general overview of the state of art and a case study of a higher education institution; then the group split up in subject specific working groups. The results of the working groups fed into a final round table discussion and took the place of formal conclusions. ACA was able to win as speakers Carolyn Campbell, Volker Gehmlich, Anonio Loprieno and Christian Tauch.

3rd in the series “European Policy Seminars” of the Academic Cooperation Association