Edition 173 - September 2015

CIMO: New developments in HE cooperation with Russia

The number of Russian degree students in Finnish higher education institutions has grown rapidly over the last years. Whereas in 2010 the number of Russian students pursuing a degree in Finland was 1 776, the latest statistics on student mobility in Finland show that Russia is clearly the number one sending country with 3 044 degree students in 2014. The total number of international degree students in Finnish higher education institutions in 2014 was 20 255, with China (1 963 students) and Vietnam (1 619 students) completing the top three sending countries. Student exchange with Russia has remained stable over the last years with 333 students from Finland studying in Russia and 483 students from Russia studying in Finland in 2014, with study periods lasting from 3 to 12 months.  

As student mobility facilitates people-to-people contacts, it is also seen as an important dimension in bilateral cooperation between Finland and Russia, and the ministries of education and science of both countries have jointly committed to exploring new ways to promote student mobility. As a continuation to these developments, CIMO has recently launched a new pilot initiative through which it will provide Finnish higher education institutions with financial support, facilitating student mobility at all three cycles of study. It will complement the existing FIRST – Finnish-Russian Student Exchange Programme by supporting student mobility outside the North-Western Russia which is the target region of the FIRST programme. 

More information about the FIRST programme can be found here.

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