Edition 174 - October 2015

European match-making for refugee scientists and research institutions

As part of its efforts to address the refugee crisis, the European Commission has launched a new initiative, this time focusing on labour market opportunities for refugee and asylum-seeking scientists and researchers.  To make the best use of the displaced scientists’ qualifications and skills, the ‘science4refugees’ initiative aims to match them with universities and research institutions open to offering job opportunities to them.

The new platform is hosted by the EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion portal, which provides information on career opportunities and support services to researchers working in or relocating to Europe. By allowing institutions to mark vacancies with the science4refugees flag to indicate support for the initiative, the portal will offer a single point of access to information on job opportunities, internships or training courses in science and academia for asylum seekers. At the same time, refugee scientists seeking offers will be able to upload their CVs and express interest in opportunities under the initiative. The portal also features information on working conditions in Europe for refugees and asylum seekers and is expected to expand in the longer term to include schemes on training, mentoring, language and integration courses to help ease the settlement process in the host country. 

The initiative has the potential to facilitate the integration of asylum seeking scientists into the labour market, thus allowing Europe to simultaneously benefit from the incoming talent and lessen brain waste among highly qualified asylum seekers.

European Commission


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