Edition 175 - November 2015

EUA interactive map of university mergers

Launched last month, the European University Association’s online University Merger Tool allows users to peruse more than 100 cases of mergers which took place in the university sector in the last 15 years. Covering 47 European countries, the interactive map reflects the trend of mergers and concentration and clustering processes that has been on the increase in recent years. The tool aims to support public authorities and university leaders involved in the restructuring of higher education by helping them identify previous cases of mergers and facilitate the exchange of information and good practice. 

The map reveals the number of mergers per country in the past 15 years in Europe ranges from one in Italy, through four in Germany and 12 in Estonia, to 17 in France. The low number of mergers in Italy can be explained by the already large size of most Italian universities, and the discussion therefore focuses on further specialisation of Italian higher education institutions. In Estonia, on the other hand, the large number of mergers can be attributed to the correction that followed the dramatic growth of the number of institutions in the post-transformation 1990s.  

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