Edition 176 - December 2015

Swiss interim solution for Erasmus+ 2016

In February 2014, negotiations on Swiss participation in the European education programme ‘Erasmus+’ were suspended and Switzerland was demoted to the status of a third country (‘partner country’). Switzerland still has this status in the Erasmus+ Call for proposals 2016. As a result, Swiss institutions can only participate in a reduced number of activities within Erasmus+ as described in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide. Switzerland is therefore again participating only indirectly, via an interim solution for Erasmus+ 2016 supported by Swiss funding. The ch Foundation has been mandated to implement this interim solution.

For the higher education mobility activities (Key Action 1: mobility for study, traineeship  and staff) the main features are:

Swiss higher education institutions can apply for Swiss funding of outgoing and incoming with any Erasmus+ programme country;

  • Student mobility for studies and staff mobility for teaching are based on inter-institutional agreements between Swiss and European higher education institutions;
  • Traineeships in Switzerland can only be funded if they are coordinated by a Swiss university;
  • In 2016, the amount awarded to students coming to Switzerland for study purposes will be between CHF 360 and CHF 420 (approximately EUR 330-390) while for traineeships it is CHF 420 (approximately EUR 390).

Finally, regarding the cooperation with Swiss partners for the 2016 Call for proposals, the situation remains the same as for 2014 and 2015. For Strategic Partnerships, Knowledge Alliances and Sport Partnerships, Swiss higher education institutions or organisations can participate in two ways: either as full partners under the condition that they bring an added value to the project (and on top of the minimum number of partners from programme countries) or within the framework of the Swiss interim solution for Erasmus+ (as associated partner and applying for national funding). For Joint Master Degrees, Swiss institutions can participate as full partners (on top of the minimum number of partners from programme countries). For Policy Support projects, the conditions for participation must be checked on a case by case basis. Lastly, Jean Monnet is fully open to Swiss higher education institutions.

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