Edition 177 - January 2016

ACA Study in Europe seminars

Within the framework of the 'Study in Europe' project ACA is developing networks of European Higher Education Experts in 5 partner countries – Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa. The experts, faculty and international relations offices staff at higher education institutions (HEIs) in these five countries, will until the end of 2017, organise a number of Study in Europe information sessions for students and researchers in their respective institutions in order to inform them about academic mobility and exchange opportunities in Europe. 

To equip and support the experts in this task, ACA is organising information and training seminars in the five countries. These seminars are to provide relevant information and information sources on academic mobility, exchange and funding opportunities for studies or research in Europe (33 programme countries) as well as practical information on admissions, country-specific visa and permits application procedures. Until now, ACA has organised 3 information and training seminars and the other 2 are just around the corner. The first such seminar took place on 14-15 December in Moscow and gathered 10 European Higher Education Experts from Russian HEIs. ACA would like to thank the EU Delegation and Erasmus+ office in Moscow for all their help and support in organising this seminar. In the second week of January, a second seminar took place, this time in Rio de Janeiro. Many thanks go to our participants for their contributions and to the staff of DAAD's office in Rio, who helped us prepare the event. The third seminar, in Beijing, just ended and we are thankful to the delegates for their contributions and to the NESO Office in China and EU Delegation to China and Mongolia for their support. 

The next Study in Europe seminar will take place in Cape Town in mid-February, back to back with the Study in Europe Fair, organised by Campus France. Last but not least, the round of information seminars closes with the event in New Delhi at the very beginning of March. The ACA team is looking forward to the upcoming events and the successful two-year cooperation with the European Higher Education Experts and their institutions.

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