Edition 188 - December 2016

ACA events

2 February 2017
European policy seminar 1 – “What’s new in Brussels” Recent developments in European Policies and Programme
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Training Programmes

24 January 2017
How best to attract talented researchers
Regional Workshops: Czech Republic – FYR Macedonia – Republic of Serbia – Estonia
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6-10 February 2017
BuildPHE training week
Brussels Belgium
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17-20 January 2017
Education World Forum
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26 January 2017
SwissCore- Swiss Science Briefing ‘Towards a new generation of publishing models'
Brussels, Belgium
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2 February 2017
The future for UK science and innovation funding and policy - Brexit, the HE and Research Bill and supporting disruptive innovation
London, United Kingdom
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6-7 February 2017
Eurashe seminar - quality assurance (QA) ‘Managing your institution’s quality with the latest practices and policies‘
Brussels, Belgium
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10–11 February 2017
2017 CLIC Conference on Study Abroad: Understanding the Study Abroad Experience
Houston, TX
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19-22 February 2017
2017 AIEA Annual Conference
Internationalization through Difference: Transcending Boundaries
Washington, DC, USA
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15-17 February 2017
UNC North America 2017
Building the Global HigherEd Community
Miami, USA
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15 March 2017
UAS4EUROPE applied research conference
Brussels, Belgium
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6-7 April 2017
EUA Conference
Bergen, Norway
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8-12 April 2017
FAUBAI 2017 Annual Conference 
New Trends on Internationalization of Higher Education: Social Engagement and Innovatio
Porto Alegre, Brazil 
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26-28 April 2017
Equality, Equity and Efficiency in Higher Education Worldwide
Porto, Portugal
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8-10 May 2017
LIHE International Symposium 2017
New Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Copenhagen Denmark
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June 9-10 2017
HUMANE 20th Anniversary Conference
Crisis Leadership in Universities in a Globalised World
Paris, France
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5-8 July 2017
International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) Triennial 2017
Innovation in Education
Vienna, Austria
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