Edition 195 - July 2017

ACA events

13 October 2017
ACA European Policy Seminar
Quality in international university partnerships - newlyweds, happily married, in marital counselling or on the verge of divorce
Brussels, Belgium
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Training Programmes

19-21 September 2017
SAIA: UNIZA Grants Week
Maximise your chances of success in research applications
(Registration until 15 May 2017)
University of Žilina, Slovakia
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13-16 November 2017
EAIE Autumn Academy
Warsaw, Poland
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21-25 August 2017
European Student Services Conference - 39th French-German Colloquium on Student Affairs
“Societal Responsibility: Challenges for Student Services between Safety and Open Societies”
Berlin, Germany
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23-25 August 2017
IEASA Annual Conference 2017
Advancing Internationalisation of Higher Education
Durban, South Africa
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28 August-1 September 2017
CASE Europe Advancement Conference 2017
Birmingham, UK
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3-6 September 2017
EAIR 39th Annual Forum
Under Pressure? Higher education institutions coping with multiple challenges
Porto, Portugal
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7-8 September 2017
28th Poland International Education Fair PERSPEKTYWY
Warsaw, Poland
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12-15 September 2017
EAIE annual conference 2017, 'A Mosaic of Cultures'
Seville, Spain
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18-19 September 2017
GUNi/ACUP - International Conference on Sustainable Development Goals: Actors and Implementation
Barcelona, Spain
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21-22 September 2017
OECD Higher Education Stakeholder Forum
Paris, France
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28-29 September
1st European Learning & Teaching Forum
Meeting Challenges Together
Paris, France
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1-3 October 2017
IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad
Navigating a Changing World: Building Talent with Global Experience
Washington DC, United States
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4-6 October 2017
8th ANIE Annual Conference
Higher Education in Africa: New Regional and Global Dynamics
Kigali, Rwanda
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6-8 October 2017
Alliance for International Education (AIE) 2017 
Internationalising Schools: Sharing good practice and addressing challenges
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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10-13 October 2017
31st annual Australian International Education Conference (AIEC)
Embracing Diversity
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
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18-20 October 2017
IAU 2017 International Conference
Leadership for a Changing Public-Private Funding Higher Education Landscape
Accra, Ghana
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15-16 November 2017
The Class Conference 2017
Learning Hubs: The Future of the University City'
Lisbon, Portugal
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23-25 November 2017
EUA, ENQA, EURASHE, ESU, 12th European Quality Assurance Forum
Responsible QA: committing to impact
Riga, Latvia
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6-7 December 2017
SRHE International Research Conference 2017
Higher Education rising to the challenge: Balancing expectations of students, society and stakeholders
Newport, Wales, UK
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11-14 December 2017
London International Conference on Education (LICE) 2017
Cambridge, UK
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