Edition 195 - July 2017

DAAD: Student initiatives for refugees honoured

Three student initiatives of the DAAD funding programme “Welcome – Students Helping Refugees” have been honoured by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for their commitment. Since 2016 the DAAD supports, through funding of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, student-initiatives in the Welcome-Programme, that aim to facilitate refugees in the integration and entry into Germany’s education landscape.  Since 2016 about 450 projects, driven by over 900 voluntary students, have been initiated in the frame of the programme - ranging from language-partnerships, to orientation seminars and legal advice.  

This year’s winners, that have been honoured for their outstanding initiatives are:
1st place: The „Refugee Law Clinic“  of the Humboldt-University Berlin,
2nd place: The„Initiative Germancourses for Asylumseekers “  of theTechnikal University Dresden
3rd Place: The initiative „refugees help refugees“ of the University Siegen 

DAAD – Press release (only in German)

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