Edition 107 - March 2010

Upcoming international events

6-7 April 2010
2nd International Conference on Higher Education and Quality Assurance
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

7-10 April 2010
CSEDU: International Conference on Computer Supported Education
Valencia, Spain

7-10 April 2010
UCEA 95th Annual Conference: Leading Innovation in Higher Education
San Fransisco, USA

11-13 April 2010
NCSCBHEP 37th Annual Conference: Renewal and Reinvestment in Higher Education: Implications for Academic Collective Bargaining
New York, United States
http:// www.hunter.cuny.edu/ncscbhep

14-16 April 2010
APAIE : Educating for Extremes (Educating for Global Challenge in a Rapidly Changing World)
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
http:// www.apaie.org

15 April 2010
HEA and NQAI: National Qualifications Frameworks and the European Overarching Frameworks: Supporting Lifelong Learning in European Education and Training
Dublin, Ireland
http:// http://www.eqf-ref.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50:2010-04-05-national-qualifications-frameworks-and-the-european-overarching-frameworks-supporting-lifelong-learning-in-european-education-and-training-dublin&catid=1:news&Itemid=2

19-20 April 2010
Spanish Presidency of the EU : Internationalisation of Higher Education. A Foresight Perspective for 2020 and Beyond
Madrid, Spain
Contact: IHE@educacion.es

21-23 April 2010
CONAHEC: XIII North American Higher Education Conference: Innovation in International Higher Education Collaboration: Creating Opportunities in Challenging Times
Houston,  United States
http:// www.conahec.org/conahec/Conferences/

22-23 April 2010
EUA: Towards Financially Sustainable Universities II: Diversifying Income Streams
Bologna, Italy

22-23 April 2010
DAAD/KoWi Conference: “Reaching out beyond Europe - EU programmes for Higher Education and Research”
At the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union
Brussels, Belgium

26-28 April 2010
Workshop of the International DAAD Academy (iDA): “Regional Knowledge: Germany”
Berlin, Germany

7 May 2010
MODERN Conference: Assuring the Quality of Internationalisation
Amsterdam, Netherlands

16-18 May 2010
ACA Annual Conference 2010 - Brains on the move
Córdoba, Spain

19 May 2010
LLP Annual Conference: Looking beyond 2013
Barcelona, Spain

25-26 May 2010
UNESCO: Second World Conference on Arts Education
Seoul, South-Korea
http:// http://www.artsedu2010.kr/htm/en/con_info/101_greeting.jsp
26-28 May 2010
5th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
Lusaka, Zambia
http:// http://www.elearning-africa.com/index.php

28-30 May 2010
Seventh International EUREDOCS Conference: Deconstructing the Europeanization’ processes of higher education and research
Contact: Gaele.Goastellec@unil.ch

30 May - 4 June 2010
NAFSA 2010 Annual Conference and Expo
Kansas City, USA

31 May – 4 June 2010
AMSE-AMCE-WAER: 16th Congress of the World Association of Educational Sciences
Monterrey, Mexico

9-11 June 2010
EPI: Rentention 2010 - International Conference on Student Success
Chicago, USA

10-12 June 2010
The 2nd International Conference on Linguistic and Intercultural Education (CLIE2): Linguistic and Cultural Diversity within European Learning Communities: cross-cultural and transnational perspectives

11 June 2010
EAIE Executive Forum: Developing university and employer engagement strategies
Budapest, Hungary

25-26 June 2010
IAU Annual Conference: "Ethics and Values in Higher Education in the Era of Globalization: What Role for the Disciplines?"
Vilnius, Lithuania

28-30 June 2010
ELSIN 2010 15th Annual International Conference: Exploring Styles to Enhance Learning and Teaching in Diverse Contexts
Aveiro, Portugal

5-7 July 2010
Barcelona, Spain

6-9 July 2010
HERDSA 2010 Reshaping Higher Education
Melbourne, Australia

23-27 August 2010
European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) 2010: Education and Cultural Change
Helsinki, Finland

1-4 September 2010
EAIR Forum Valencia 2010: "Linking Society and Universities: New Missions for Universities"
Valencia, Spain

13-15 September 2010
OECD/IMHE: Higher Education in a World Changed Utterly: Doing More with Less
Paris, France

15-18 September 2010
22nd Annual EAIE Conference
Nantes, France

24 September 2010
First International Conference on EUropean Transnational Education - ICEUTE 2010
Burgos, Spain

27-29 September 2010
EADTU: Strategies and Business Models for Lifelong Learning
Zermatt, Switzerland
http:// www.eadtu.nl

12-15 October 2010
2010 Australian International Education Conference: Transitions & Transformations
Sydney, Australia
http:// www.aiec.idp.com

18-19 October 2010
TARC International conference 2010 - Emerging trends in higher education
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

20-23 October 2010
CBIE, IOHE, CONAHEC: Internationalization: Essential Building Block to Quality in 21st Century Higher Education.
Calgary, Canada

20-23 October 2010
EUA Annual Conference: Diversities and Commonalities - the changing face of Europe's universities
Palermo, Italy
http:// www.eua.be/eua-events/

25-29 October 2010
ERSCP-EMSU 2010 Conference
Knowledge collaboration and learning for sustainable innovation
Delft, The Netherlands
2-4 November 2010
2Seventh Annual Open Education Conference: Impact and Sustainability
Barcelona, Spain

3-4 November 2010
2nd Annual Meeting of the African Network for Internationalization of Education
Kampala, Uganda

18-20 November
EUA: Fifth European Quality Assurance Forum
Lyon, France

23-26 November 2010
5th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education
Barcelona, Spain
GUNI launched Registrations and Call for Good Practices

17-18 November 2011
IAU 2011 International Conference: Strategies for Securing Equity in Access and Success in Higher Education
Nairobi, Kenya

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