Edition 122 - June 2011

Global University Rankings and Their Impact

Rauhvargers, A. Global University Rankings and their Impact. European University Association, Brussels, 2011. ISBN: 978-9-078997-27-6. Pages: 81.

This publication represents the European University Association’s (EUA) first formal review of global university rankings. While refraining from ranking the rankings, the EUA examines the methodologies of global university rankings/ratings with the aim of informing universities about the transparency of such ranking/rating exercises and the potential impacts of different global rankings on university policy-making.

The review compares the strengths and weaknesses of different global rankings including the EU-funded U-Multirank, which is to be launched later this year. A section on "Guidance to interpreting ranking results" is included to advise ranking users on the potential pitfalls of following the ranking criteria too closely. The release of this publication was accompanied by an EUA Rankings Seminar attended by around 150 university leaders from EUA member institutions and higher education experts from across Europe. Funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation, this report is the first in a series of reviews of rankings the EUA will conduct.

European University Association

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