ACA Secretariat

Bernd Wächter


Bernd Wächter is ACA's Director, a position he has held since 1998. Bernd is responsible for the overall management of the Brussels-based Secretariat and is a frequently consulted expert and speaker on internationalisation issues.



Irina Ferencz

Policy Officer

Irina Ferencz, ACA Policy Officer, has joined the ACA Secretariat in early 2009. At ACA, she is currently coordinating the ENPMOB study, which researches national and European-level policies on student and staff mobility and the elements of convergence and/or divergence between the two levels. Irina is also presently involved in the IMPI project, which aims to build a toolkit of indicators for mapping and profiling the internationalisation strategies and processes of European HEIs.



Queenie Lam

Project Officer

Queenie Lam is a Project Officer in ACA since late 2010. In this capacity, she participated in the ENPMOB project and a review of the Bologna Process and is currently involved in the MOWIN study. She also contributes regularly to the ACA Newsletter - Education Europe on topics related to Asia, and to the development of ACA projects and events.



Lynn Sobrie

Office Manager

Lynn has taken over the Office Manager position in September 2012. She is responsible for the internal organisation of the office and operates as contact person for general inquiries. Other tasks include the organisation of ACA events and the management of ACA newsletter subscriptions.