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New online tool for African research

HERANA Gateway – a new online search portal was launched by the Centre for Higher Education Transf... (+more) Edition: 2009, 2

Backpedalling à la Romania?

The 50 percent salary increase promised to Romanian university lecturers last autumn (see ACA N... (+more) Edition: 2009, 2

French lecturers strike against attempts to reform their professional status

Thousands of university lecturers took the streets in France at the beginning of this month in an â€... (+more) Edition: 2009, 2

Latvia – severe cuts in state financing of higher education

Faced with the financial crisis, different European countries find different solutions to cope with ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 2

Germany: Sorting the wheat from the chaff

A place at a German university is much sought after by foreign applicants. But what about the prospe... (+more) Edition: 2009, 2

India to boost higher education

India will increase its higher education budget by 21 percent this year, allocating some INR 13 bill... (+more) Edition: 2009, 3

Making Mexican HE recession-proof

The global financial meltdown is also affecting students and in times of increased uncertainty, educ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 3

Stepping up – the German Qualifications Framework

As EU member states are working to define national qualifications levels in terms of learning outcom... (+more) Edition: 2009, 3

UK: losses for un-paid fee debts and vice-chancellors’ dream

The UK media have reported lately on difficulties faced by the Student Loans Company to collect repa... (+more) Edition: 2009, 3

Australia – HE reform gains more tangible shape

The academic world caught the first glimpse of the reforms meant to re-shape Australia’s higher ed... (+more) Edition: 2009, 3

Is it a cliché that no one strikes better than the French?

The answer would seem to be “no”, knowing that French universities have been facing strikes by l... (+more) Edition: 2009, 3

Nordic Innovation Monitor 2009

Following the publication of the European Innovation Scoreboard 2008 (EIS) last month (for further d... (+more) Edition: 2009, 3

US on Bologna

The changes in higher education policy and practice in Europe, started in 1999 and collectively know... (+more) Edition: 2009, 4

Greek universities – the paradise of protesters

Events in the past few months have proven that universities across Greece are becoming a safe heaven... (+more) Edition: 2009, 4

UK - sneaking a peak at what the competitors are doing

A new report, entitled UK Universities and Europe: Competition and Internationalisation, jointly pro... (+more) Edition: 2009, 4

The British should fight harder gender inequality

While the number of women academics at British universities rose slightly compared to last year, the... (+more) Edition: 2009, 4

Knowledge without borders – Swedish higher education in the era of globalisation

Means to increase Swedish students’ interest in studying abroad, more resources to attract qualifi... (+more) Edition: 2009, 4

ASEM Education Secretariat to be set up at DAAD

The second ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Education Ministers’ conference in Hanoi, Vietnam has result... (+more) Edition: 2009, 5

How to count what cannot be measured

In early 2009, the Review of Australian Higher Education (the “Bradley Review”) caused much ado ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 5

Preparing for the G8: the role of universities for sustainable development

On 18 and 19 May the G8 University Summit took place in Turin, Italy. The topic of the gathering rot... (+more) Edition: 2009, 5