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QS World University Rankings

Global rankings have become as unavoidable as hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.  Earlier this m... (+more) Edition: 2012, 9

United Kingdom – further uncertainties for non-EU students

The end of August marked the start of an unprecedented scandal in the United Kingdom (UK) higher edu... (+more) Edition: 2012, 9

Mapping mobility among the Chinese higher education systems – China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan

Be there one China or two Chinas, there is more than one Chinese higher education system. These syst... (+more) Edition: 2012, 9

India: more women enrolling in universities and sharp increase in international student numbers

The results of a report published recently by the University Grants Commission show that the proport... (+more) Edition: 2012, 9

New trend: universities borrow for face-lifting changes to attract mobile students?

To be attractive and competitive today in the world of higher education is to have a beautiful campu... (+more) Edition: 2012, 9

In the aftermath of protests

Recent protests are events that link the higher education sectors in Sri Lanka, Côte d’Ivoire and... (+more) Edition: 2012, 9

Sweden: decrease in student numbers by 14 000 expected in 2012

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education has recently released two reports: the Swedish Univ... (+more) Edition: 2012, 9

Rwanda hosts first graduate degree programme in Africa offered by a top US research institution

On the past 24 August, the Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU) officially launched its new campus in Rw... (+more) Edition: 2012, 9

Austria: working to extend the EU moratorium for student quotas

Austria has been for long trying to cope with the high influx of foreign, especially German, student... (+more) Edition: 2012, 9

THE World University Rankings results 2012-13: Who is stealing the crown?

California Institute of Technology (Caltech), once again, tops The Times Higher Education World Univ... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10

United States: Rising college costs and the presidential elections

During the last four years, the Obama Administration has made considerable efforts to make college m... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10

France — keeping up with electoral promises in higher education and research

In the midst of an acute economic crisis in Europe, France decides to spare higher education and res... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10

Education investment and reforms in Chile

After the long lasting student protests in Chile demanding for education reforms (see ACA Newsletter... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10

United Kingdom: Transparency tools introduced for comparing courses and graduates

The United Kingdom (UK) has introduced two ‘customer-oriented’ information tools — the Unistat... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10

Reorganisation of responsibility for education in Switzerland

In Switzerland, education is essentially the competence of the 26 cantons. However, it is the federa... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10

How are science and technology faring in Canada?

Six years after the last assessment, a new report on the state of science and technology in Canada h... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10

Scotland — no more shortcuts to free tuition, but wider access

The Scottish Government recently announced a change in the tuition fee regime, which is to be applie... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10

United States: decline in state funding to public research universities and students struggling with loan debts

In late September, the National Science Board – the governing body of the National Science Foundat... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10

Can Hong Kong make a difference in China’s higher education reform?

In mid-October 2012, we saw China’s second attempt to replicate the ‘Hong Kong model’ of highe... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10

Australia: safeguarding the rights of international students

The Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner Helen Szoke released, at the Australia International... (+more) Edition: 2012, 10