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More fuel for the student loan debate in the US

A recently released report, "Drowning in debt: the emerging student loan crisis", by Educa... (+more) Edition: 2009, 7

Complete make-over of Indian higher education?

An ambitious blueprint for reform of the Indian higher education sector was recently proposed in a r... (+more) Edition: 2009, 7

An initiative for community colleges in the US

Barack Obama stands for his promises, at least as far as higher education is concerned. After focusi... (+more) Edition: 2009, 8

German education monitor 2009

The 2009 edition of the German education monitor (Bildungsmonitor) has just been published. This edu... (+more) Edition: 2009, 8

High aspirations

How can a university prove the value of its educational offer to potential students? In a world of g... (+more) Edition: 2009, 8

Netherlands: More fuel for higher education

The Dutch government has announced additional funds for two novel initiatives to enrich its higher e... (+more) Edition: 2009, 8

How to become the world’s largest university – or how not to…

Who would have thought that the world’s largest university, in terms of student numbers, is in Rom... (+more) Edition: 2009, 8

The ambition of UNESCO IN AFRICA

UNESCO recently launched a journal to create better visibility of the Organization’s involvement a... (+more) Edition: 2009, 8

UK: A-level results’ euphoria and related worries

Britain has every reason to celebrate, it seems. Figures released by the Joint Council for Qualifica... (+more) Edition: 2009, 8

Bologna with Swiss students’ eyes

In 2008, the Swiss Rectors’ Conference (CRUS) and the Union of Students in Switzerland (VSS) carri... (+more) Edition: 2009, 9

International campuses on the spur

International branch campuses, although a relatively new phenomenon, have experienced significant gr... (+more) Edition: 2009, 9

OECD: Economic downturn will further boost student numbers

The OECD has released at the beginning of September its annual collection of data on education – t... (+more) Edition: 2009, 9

Sweden: more money into higher education and research

The new Budget Bill for 2010 was presented by the Swedish government to the riksdag on 21 September.... (+more) Edition: 2009, 9

Romania: important achievement down the drain?

In parallel with the crusade against the Spiru Haret University (see ACA Newsletter – Education Eu... (+more) Edition: 2009, 9

The Spanish quest for excellence

Spain has set out to modernise its universities by: promoting excellence in education and research; ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 9

New UNESCO Director-General from Bulgaria

The new candidate nominated for the post of UNESCO Director-General is the Bulgarian diplomat Irina ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 9

2010: A boost for Europe-Asia cooperation in higher education

In May 2008 the Ministers of Education in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries convened in Berli... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10

How to be excellent: the Dutch way

The Dutch Ministry of Education has announced a EUR 19 million increase in the budget for the Sirius... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10

THE 2009 World Rankings

At a first glance, the 2009 world university rankings of Times Higher Education display a familiar p... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10

Austria suffers from inflow of German students

Austria is one of the countries with the highest share of foreign students in Europe. But they origi... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10