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UK - sneaking a peak at what the competitors are doing

A new report, entitled UK Universities and Europe: Competition and Internationalisation, jointly pro... (+more) Edition: 2009, 4

The British should fight harder gender inequality

While the number of women academics at British universities rose slightly compared to last year, the... (+more) Edition: 2009, 4

Knowledge without borders – Swedish higher education in the era of globalisation

Means to increase Swedish students’ interest in studying abroad, more resources to attract qualifi... (+more) Edition: 2009, 4

ASEM Education Secretariat to be set up at DAAD

The second ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Education Ministers’ conference in Hanoi, Vietnam has result... (+more) Edition: 2009, 5

How to count what cannot be measured

In early 2009, the Review of Australian Higher Education (the “Bradley Review”) caused much ado ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 5

Preparing for the G8: the role of universities for sustainable development

On 18 and 19 May the G8 University Summit took place in Turin, Italy. The topic of the gathering rot... (+more) Edition: 2009, 5

US - fierce battle over the student loans system

The US are going through one of the most refractory policy fights of the year. The bone of contentio... (+more) Edition: 2009, 5

The best vaccine is information

While Mexico has been hit hardest by the recent outbreak of the swine flu, the epidemic is likely to... (+more) Edition: 2009, 5

‘Sweetmeat’ for international students in Denmark

The Danish Science Minister, Helge Sander has come up with the suggestion to establish, what he call... (+more) Edition: 2009, 5

A roller coaster ride through German higher education

On 4 June, education ministers of the German Länder (regions) and the Federal Government adopted a ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6

Australia: joint efforts against attacks on foreign students

The recent violent attacks against dozens of Indian students enrolled at Australian higher education... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6

A university in the Sahara desert

The envisioned University of Tifariti is to be situated on a small strip of desert land in Western S... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6

EUR half a billion for Nordic research and innovation

On the 12 June 2009 researchers and entrepreneurs from the five Nordic countries gathered in Oslo to... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6

Higher education makeover in the UK

Given the troubled political waters in the UK, with the MPs expenses scandal and the results of loca... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6

Iceland: education, research and innovation to counter economic meltdown

The fate of higher education in the current economic crisis, and higher education’s possible contr... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6

New Higher Education Minister for Sweden

Tobias Krantz, MP for the liberal party of Sweden (Folkpartiet), was appointed Minister for Higher E... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6

Over GBP 200 million for Northern Ireland’s universities

Last month, Employment and Learning Minister, Sir Reg Empey, announced a significant increase in his... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs goes headhunting in universities

At times of global economic downturn, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cristian Diaconescu,... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6

US higher education advancements abroad and at home

During his speech, A new beginning, held at the University of Cairo in early June, US President Bara... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6

Germany – popular as before, but not more

The enrolment of foreign students in Germany has been stagnating at a high level in the past years. ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 6