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Think scenarios, rethink education

Think scenarios, rethink education, OECD Schooling for Tomorrow series, 2006. ISBN 9264023631 The l... (+more) Edition: 2006, 4

Equity in education thematic review

This OECD study aims to assist countries in developing and implementing effective policies for equit... (+more) Edition: 2006, 4

Internationalisation at home

Internationalization at home: a global perspective, Teekens, H. ed., Nuffic, 2006. ISBN 90-5464... (+more) Edition: 2006, 4

Teaching in the multicultural classroom at university

Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom at University: the Temcu Project, David Atkinson, Marián ... (+more) Edition: 2006, 5

The University, State and Market

The University, State, and Market,  Rhoads, Robert A., and Carlos Alberto Torres, eds., St... (+more) Edition: 2006, 5

International and national developments in qualifications frameworks

A review of international and national developments in the use of qualifications frameworks, by Mike... (+more) Edition: 2006, 5

International competitiveness: Businesses working with UK universities

International competitiveness: Businesses working with UK universities, Final report of the Council ... (+more) Edition: 2006, 5

Higher education and work in South Africa

Higher education and work - Setting a new research agenda, C. Koen, Human Sciences Research Council ... (+more) Edition: 2006, 6

South Africa-Norway tertiary education development programme - Report

Review of South Africa - Norway tertiary education development programme (SANTED), S. Hansen, H. Afr... (+more) Edition: 2006, 7

Which language competences do graduates need?

Fremdsprachen in Schweizer Betrieben, M. Andres, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Olten 2005. ISBN 3-... (+more) Edition: 2006, 6

Innovation at Canada's higher education institutions

Innovation and Differentiation in Canada’s Post-secondary Institutions, R. Crocker and A. Usher, C... (+more) Edition: 2006, 6

Quality assurance in teacher education in Europe

Quality Assurance in Teacher Education in Europe, Eurydice, Brussels: Eurydice, 2006 ISBN 92-894-862... (+more) Edition: 2006, 6

Report on impact of students on local communities in UK

'Studentification': a guide to opportunities, challenges and practice, Universities UK, 2006. This ... (+more) Edition: 2006, 7

Higher education governance between democratic culture, academic aspirations and market forces

Higher education governance between democratic culture, academic aspirations and market forces, J. K... (+more) Edition: 2006, 7

Recognition in the Bologna process

Recognition in the Bologna Process: policy development and the road to good practice<//em><... (+more) Edition: 2006, 7

Monitoring and evaluating innovation programmes

Supporting the monitoring and evaluation of innovation programmes, <//em></><//>a ... (+more) Edition: 2006, 7

Education in countries with poor governance: Lessons and good practice

Education in fragile states: Capturing lessons and identifying good practice, Rose, P., Greeley... (+more) Edition: 2006, 8

International migration

International Migration Outlook 2006, OECD. This publication analyses recent trends in migration mo... (+more) Edition: 2006, 8

Women in education and employment

Women in education and employment 2010, European Training Foundation report, 2006. This report is b... (+more) Edition: 2006, 8

Higher education and GATS

Higher education and GATS - Regulatory consequences and stakeholders' responses, A. Vlk, CHEPS, 2006... (+more) Edition: 2006, 8