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Canada strives to retain international talent

Canada tries to increase its attractiveness as a study destination for international students by all... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

New higher education law will give Finnish universities more autonomy

A proposal for a Finnish Universities Act, which is to increase the autonomy of institutions by chan... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

Funding for US Science on a downswing

Investing in science is not an end in itself. Rather, it is the key to innovation, which is the key ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

Increasing costs of education

Research conducted in European countries serves as a worrying reminder of the always-increasing cost... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

Rankings galore

While the French Senate has shown itself determined to launch an European university ranking system,... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

The end of the Quincy Era?

Studying medicine in Germany has always been a matter of good marks in secondary education. Only one... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

EUR 200 million for the first 5 German top clusters

Biotechnology, energy efficiency, organic electronics, aviation and solar energy – in Germany, the... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

New legislation for US higher education

The much awaited and five years overdue higher education bill, the “College Opportunity and Afford... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

Zimbabwe - chaos continued

Following the internal unrest affecting Zimbabwe in the past few months (for further details please ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

Education at a Glance 2008: new records and new challenges

On 9 September, the OECD launched the 2008 edition of its annual publication Education at a Glance, ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

End of tuition fees to cost Austria dearly

The Austrian National Council (Nationalrat) decided the end of tuition fees at Austrian universities... (+more) Edition: 2008, 9

Germany wants to double education spending by 2015

Education ministers of the German Länder (regions) and the Bund (the state) convened on 22 October ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 10

Education brand for Canada

“Imagine Education au/in Canada” and a stylised maple leaf - the new education brand inviting in... (+more) Edition: 2008, 10

Commonwealth scholarships reinstated

Good news for students from the Commonwealth countries: from 2009, the Commonwealth scholarships wil... (+more) Edition: 2008, 10

More fuel to the rankings debate: new results available

After the results of the annual Shanghai Jiao Tong University, released in August (see ACA Newslette... (+more) Edition: 2008, 10

Beginning of the academic year endangered in Israel

“Academic year will not begin on schedule” announced the University Heads Committee (UHC) and th... (+more) Edition: 2008, 10

Turkey: Constitutional Court puts its foot down on headscarf ban

The Turkish Constitutional Court – the highest judicial authority in Turkey – sparked new contro... (+more) Edition: 2008, 10

Internationalising higher education: the case of Singapore and Turkey

The global competition for international students is getting fierce as increasingly more countries l... (+more) Edition: 2008, 10

Record number of international students in US higher education

On 17 November, the Institute of International Education (IIE) published the 2008 Open Doors data. T... (+more) Edition: 2008, 11

Greeks reacting against Curia decision

A recent judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) against Greece on diploma recognition trig... (+more) Edition: 2008, 11