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Russian universities get public support to improve international visibility

In July, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science published the results of a national competiti... (+more) Edition: 2013, 7

U.S. once again king of the ranking jungle

The time of the year has come. Shanghai Jiao Tong University has published its much awaited Academic... (+more) Edition: 2013, 8

World Academic Summit Innovation Index: Who attracts the most research cash?

Who has the most publications? Who is the most international? What course is the most popular? Which... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 8

Canada: Visa backlog troubling international students

An on-going labour dispute between the Canadian federal government and the Professional Association ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 8

Pan African University secures a grant from the African Development Bank

More than one year and a half after the official inauguration of the Pan African University (PAU), t... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 8

The world’s most expensive study destinations

Students who wish to study abroad have to consider more than just tuition fees, as living expenses o... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 8

China catching up in transnational education

Whether it is through partnership programmes with universities abroad, licensing arrangements or the... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 8

UK International Education Strategy: Casting its nets to attract foreign students

The United Kingdom is traditionally well represented among various university rankings. With an esti... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 8

A-level results: UK universities fight for the best students

In the UK, thousands of secondary school graduates have probably marked 15 August as their personal ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 0, 0

New budget directive throws Portuguese universities into confusion

A new directive by the Portuguese Directorate General for Budget has caused outrage and confusion am... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 8

Sweden: The crux with the tuition fees

The recently published Budget proposition of the Swedish governments plans to increase funding for s... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9

Australia: New Colombo plan for outgoing mobility

Confident of victory, the Coalition – the formal alliance of centre-right parties in Australia –... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9

A decade of QS Worlds University Rankings

It’s that time again: The annual QS Worlds University Rankings were published on 10 September for ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9

Rise in admission offers to international students at US universities

Being regularly well presented among university rankings, US universities attract an increasing numb... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9

More expensive study abroad for Indian students?

India’s national currency Rupee has faced strong depreciation in the last couple of months. At fir... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9

A ranking for CEO producing universities

A new university ranking has been published by Times Higher Education (THE) earlier this month. No, ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9

Entrance exam dilemma at Austrian universities

‘Sometime they’ll give an entrance exam and nobody will come.’ Well, there were a lucky few wh... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9

Spanish reform of student grants system causes confusion

C = Cmin + {[Ctotal – S * Cmin] * [N/Nmax] * [1 – (R/Rmax)]/ΣS[Ni/Nmax] * [1 – (Ri/Rmax)]}. I... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9

Italy: Big fuss about bonus maturità

Protests, complaints, criticism and above all the realisation that it actually does not really work ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9

Teacher service reform in Mexico – uneasy compromise?

Massive police presence surrounding the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate in the capital of Mexico ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9