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Australia: 2010 international education figures yield mixed results

Australian Education International (AEI), the international arm of the Australian government’s Dep... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Australian government scraps controversial journal ranking

The Australian Research Council (ARC) abandoned the use of journal ranking in the government’s Exc... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Africa affected by university investment choices

A recent report from the US-based Oakland Institute claims that a number of US higher education inst... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Slovenia: Changes at the top in higher education and more…

June has proven to be a tumultuous month for the Slovenian coalition government. On 4 June 2011, a d... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

England: Much anticipated higher education white paper is released

On 28 June 2011 a long-awaited higher education white paper was released by England’s Department f... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

UK: Student visa reforms to take effect in July

Ongoing developments in UK higher education (see England: Much anticipated higher education white pa... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Wales says “no” to increased tuition fees

In a setback to the effort to increase tuition above the basic fee of GBP 4 000 (EUR 4 482), the Hig... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

UK tuition update: the latest from England, Wales and Scotland

After higher education institutions complied with a mandate to resubmit plans on their methods to in... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

New education ministers in Finland and France

Following parliamentary elections in April 2011, Finland established a new coalition government and ... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

US: New cost information clearinghouse

As part of mandatory measures under the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, the US Department ... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Germany: Universities of applied sciences lead growth in student mobility

In 2010, Germany hosted 244 775 foreign students, an increase of 5 632 from the previous year, accor... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Sweden: Many fewer “third-country” students set to enrol in 2011/12

First applications, then acceptances, now confirmed tuition payments. As of 28 June, the Swedish Nat... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

New Zealand: Major funding allocated for new Crown Agency

As reported earlier this spring (see ACA Newsletter – Education Europe, April 2011), New Zealand i... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

China: Higher education sector slowing (and refining) expansion and reform efforts

The National Audit Office of China has revealed that, as of 2010, rapid expansion in higher educatio... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

France: reforme licence and excellence

Valérie Pécresse, the outgoing French Minister for Higher Education and Research, announced just b... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Netherlands: New strategic agenda for higher education

Focusing heavily on a series of cost-cutting measures to expedite and increase student completion ra... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Academic Ranking of World Universities unveils 2011 results plus new initiatives

The Center for World-Class Universities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (CWCU) released the results... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

Brazil: Major new funding for (science and technology) study abroad

With the aim to enhance internationalisation of the country’s science, technology and innovation s... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

Is Italian higher education a “family business”?

Research by Stefano Allesina, an assistant professor at the Computation Institute, a joint entity of... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

Singapore and Taiwan: Mobility concerns

Singapore and Taiwan are both reviewing their national mobility policies, but heading in very differ... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8