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United Kingdom: Is it diversification or privatization?

Ten small specialist colleges in England are going through the final step for receiving their univer... (+more) Edition: 2012, 12

Iraq: First national education strategy launched

On the past 9 December, the Government of Iraq launched the first national education and higher educ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 1

AHELO prints first results

The feasibility study launched in 2008 by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 1

European Commission reacts to Austrian proposal on student quotas moratorium

As expected (see the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe, September 2012), the European Commission h... (+more) Edition: 2013, 1

United States: Pay as you Earn

The new repayment plan of student debt, announced by President Obama in October 2011, (see ACA Newsl... (+more) Edition: 2013, 1

United Kingdom: Student numbers in 2011/12

New data on student enrolments and qualifications obtained at higher education institutions in the U... (+more) Edition: 2013, 1

German Academic Freedom Act in force

Already in December 2012, Germany’s new Academic Freedom Act entered into force.  The piece o... (+more) Edition: 2013, 1

India: New policy directions for science, technology and innovation

On 3 January, the Indian Government announced its new Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2013... (+more) Edition: 2013, 1

Scotland: New loans and scholarship programme to promote student mobility

On 9 January, the Government of Scotland announced that, for the first time, Scottish students study... (+more) Edition: 2013, 1

Futuretrack: A study on the relationship between higher education and employment

Last November, the final results of a five-year longitudinal study conducted in the United Kingdom (... (+more) Edition: 2013, 1

Hong Kong: New Chief Executive ponders the development of education as an “industry”

The 2013 Policy Address delivered on January 16 by Hong Kong’s new Chief Executive Leung Chun-Ying... (+more) Edition: 2013, 1

United Kingdom: Applications and enrolments in higher education institutions

Over the past two months, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS) have published im... (+more) Edition: 2013, 2

Investigating ways of improving Sweden’s standing in cutting edge research

Last December, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences released the results of a study aiming to compa... (+more) Edition: 2013, 2

UKBA’s immigration rules scare international students off

UKBA’s new immigration policies, among them the termination of the UKBA post-study work route for ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 2

Pupils graduate from primary school in cap and gown

The ‘Transforming Education in Norfolk’ (TEN) Group is a federation of educational institutions ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 2

Faster, higher, stronger - the Russian university gambit

Russia adopted a series of changes supporting its universities, but introducing stricter control. A ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 2

Plagiarism scandal costs German Education Minister PhD

Annette Schavan, Germany’s federal education and research minister for the past seven years, stepp... (+more) Edition: 2013, 2

Obama proposes surprising changes to accreditation

Earlier this month, US President Obama held his yearly State of the Union address. Accreditation of ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 2

Welcome to the world of MOOCs

To MOOC or not to MOOC, that is the question. Everyone seems to be going MOOC-crazy these days. The ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 2

German Council of Science and Humanities makes uncomfortable discovery

In a report published in November 2012, disconcerting trends in marking practices at German universi... (+more) Edition: 2013, 2