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UK – Drop in students from India and Pakistan

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) has released figures on student enrolment for the acad... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 1

Portugal: Regulations on international students

The Portuguese Council of Ministers has given its approval to a decree-law on international students... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 1

Nigeria: University strike finally over

After almost five and a half months of public university strike, the Nigerian federal government and... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 1

Hong Kong: new policy to expand export of degree-seeking students instead of education services

On 15 January, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive C.Y. Leung announced in his second Policy Address numer... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 1

Germany increasingly gaining popularity as study destination

According to the recently published study Ausländische Studierende in Deutschland 2012 (Foreign stu... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 1

Rise in Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) taken in Asia

The Educational Testing Service (ETS), the world largest educational testing and assessment organisa... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

Denmark: Grants and loans for more EU citizens

The number of EU citizens with an employee status receiving student support from Denmark’s state e... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

Canada: CAD 1.5 billion for research over next decade

With a pledge of CAD 1.5 billion (EUR 984 million) for the next ten years, the Canadian government... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

Canada: New student visa regulations leave some unanswered questions

The Canadian government has published its new student visa regulations in its official gazette. The ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

BRICS: Teaming up for cooperation in science and research

Ministers of science from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) signed a memorandum ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

Belarus: Bologna, we’re coming?

Belarus would like to join the Bologna Process. According to a Belarusian Telegraph Agency press rel... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

World Economic Forum launches MOOCs platform

The World Economic Forum announced the launch of an own Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) platform... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

UK: Student visa fraud uncovered!

You would like to get a student visa for the UK but do not speak sufficient English? No problem, tha... (+more) Edition: 2014, 2

New Zealand: Committed to internationalisation of education

New Zealand will provide further funding of NZD 465 000 (EUR 280 000) to boost internationalisation ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

University of the People – First free online university to receive accreditation

The University of the People has received the status as accredited online university by the Distance... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 12

Italy: New minister of education, universities and research

A prompt cabinet reshuffle in Italy has not only brought a new Prime Minister and an almost complete... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

Denmark: Government reshuffle brings new minister for higher education

With seven government reshuffles within 28 months, Denmark’s Social Democrat-led government has ha... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

International research mobility not in favour of Germany?

Research mobility causes Germany to lose many of its best academic researchers. A recent report publ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

THE Reputation Rankings 2014: taking stock of higher education ‘currency’

The Times Higher Education (THE) issued its annual reputation rankings in the first days of March, d... (+more) Edition: 2014, 3

UK student loan debt: Fees up - thumbs down, figures show

Tuition fees at UK universities have tripled since 2006, rising from £3,000 to £9,000 in 2012. Des... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 3