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Singapore and Taiwan: Mobility concerns

Singapore and Taiwan are both reviewing their national mobility policies, but heading in very differ... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

Student mobility trends in the Netherlands

For more than a decade, NUFFIC has annually published data on mobility trends in Dutch higher educat... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

US: International graduate student admission offers up

The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), which is the premiere national organisation in the United Sta... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

US: Payment of student recruiters under the spotlight

Concerns about the compensation of student recruiters—in both domestic and international contextsâ... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

International comparison of foreign student fees – a UK perspective

An enormous amount of attention has been paid in the last year to the evolving policies related to t... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

New plans for marketing Canada

Canada’s 2011 budget, approved in early June, included a significant infusion of funding to develo... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

Australia – fears of drops in foreign student numbers

Figures recently released by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) of the Australian ... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

International students praise Germany’s academic reputation and safety

The university consortium GATE-Germany, a joint initiative of the German Academic Exchange Service (... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

Chile: Student protests drag on

Education reform has been at the heart of large-scale (sometimes violent) student-led protests in Ch... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

New higher education framework in Greece

In an attempt to improve the overall efficiency and accountability of the Greek higher education sys... (+more) Edition: 2011, 8

QS World University Rankings 2011/12 raises the question of “value for money”

One of the most highly visible international university rankers has introduced a new dimension in it... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

Education and Innovation Trends – a comprehensive outlook by OECD

This month, OECD came out with two complementary and comprehensive reports that cover the latest tre... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

Australia announces extensive student visa programme reforms

The Australian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, along with the Minister for Tertiary Educat... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

Austria: Foreign experts recommend important changes to Austrian higher education

In late 2011, the Austrian government plans to announce a new higher education strategy (Hochschulpl... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

Brazil: Major new investment in public higher education

The government of Brazil announced in mid-August that it is taking significant steps to expand the c... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

South Korean government determined to weed out underperforming institutions

As a result of a nation-wide evaluation aimed at weeding out sub-standard higher education instituti... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

New Zealand “upping its game” in international education

On 20 September 2011, the New Zealand Ministry of Education released a Leadership Statement for Inte... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

Russia announces results of a new EUR 130 million “megagrant” call

On 21 September 2011, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science announced the results of the sec... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

US: New money for community colleges providing “pathways to good jobs”

On 26 September, community college consortia in 39 states plus the District of Columbia were declare... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

America Invents Act - patent reform in the US not universally welcomed

Earlier this year (see ACA Newsletter - Education Europe, March 2011), the US Senate passed a versio... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9