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New Zealand: Committed to internationalisation of education

New Zealand will provide further funding of NZD 465 000 (EUR 280 000) to boost internationalisation ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

University of the People – First free online university to receive accreditation

The University of the People has received the status as accredited online university by the Distance... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 12

Italy: New minister of education, universities and research

A prompt cabinet reshuffle in Italy has not only brought a new Prime Minister and an almost complete... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

Denmark: Government reshuffle brings new minister for higher education

With seven government reshuffles within 28 months, Denmark’s Social Democrat-led government has ha... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

International research mobility not in favour of Germany?

Research mobility causes Germany to lose many of its best academic researchers. A recent report publ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 2

THE Reputation Rankings 2014: taking stock of higher education ‘currency’

The Times Higher Education (THE) issued its annual reputation rankings in the first days of March, d... (+more) Edition: 2014, 3

UK student loan debt: Fees up - thumbs down, figures show

Tuition fees at UK universities have tripled since 2006, rising from £3,000 to £9,000 in 2012. Des... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 3

Sweden: Equality for foreign PhD students

International PhD students, more correctly - researchers, are asking the Swedish government to ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 3

France adopts a bill on internship reform

At first reading on 24 February, the French Parliament adopted a bill on the reform of internships a... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 3

MOOCs, DOCCs and adaptability

The hype around massive open online courses (MOOCs) is not waning nor is it likely to, as they keep ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 3

IIE Study Abroad Initiative

Together with more than 150 partners from the education, business and government sectors, the Instit... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 3

Graduate education in Sub-Saharan Africa

University enrolment rates in Sub-Saharan Africa are among the lowest in the world, and yet they hav... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 3

France: New Government, New Minister of Education

Following his announcement that he had replaced Jean-Marc Ayrault with Manuel Valls (51) as French P... (+more) Edition: 2014, 4

The Flemish Action Plan “Brains on the Move”: At least 1 in 3 graduates mobile by 2020

On 6 September 2013, the Flemish government gave the green light to “Brains on the Move,” the ac... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 4

Tuition fee trial in Finland evaluated – no decisions on future yet

There are no general tuition fees in Finnish higher education but Finnish higher education instituti... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 4

Lithuania: a welcome influx of foreign students

Between 2008 and 2013, enrolment in Lithuanian higher education decreased from about 210,000 to 159,... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 4

Denmark wants more international students

Although the number of EU citizens coming to study and work in Denmark is increasing (see ACA Newsle... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 4

New Zealand: Students loans – tickets to prison?

After the UK, another country to suffer the economic fragility of student loan schemes is New Zealan... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 4

Switzerland: bridging the gap with an interim solution

On 16 April the Swiss Federal Council approved an interim solution to compensate for the country’s... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 4

England: First decline in growth of international enrolment in 29 years

For the first time in 29 years since the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) began collecting ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 4