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UK: Lessons learned from LSE and Libya

The London School of Economics (LSE) wrapped up an uncomfortable period in the spotlight this year w... (+more) Edition: 2011, 12

French Prime Minister closes the chapter on the circular of 31 May 2011

Amidst heated debate and student protest, France's Prime Minister François Fillon has stepped in to... (+more) Edition: 2011, 12

New funding for quality teaching in Germany

In December, the German Federal Minister of Education and Science Annette Schavan and the State Mini... (+more) Edition: 2011, 12

Russia simplifies the recognition of foreign academic qualifications, diplomas and degrees

On 5 December 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed into federal law amendments to national... (+more) Edition: 2011, 12

South Africa: Prominent role for higher education in new National Development Plan

Last month, the National Planning Commission of South Africa unveiled its National Development Plan:... (+more) Edition: 2011, 12

US: 2012 federal budget represents a mixed bag for higher education

An unusual Saturday vote for the US Senate on 17 December 2011 capped a difficult period of negotiat... (+more) Edition: 2011, 12

New higher education leadership in Egypt

December has seen the appointment of a new Higher Education Minister in Egypt. Dr. Hussein Moustafa ... (+more) Edition: 2011, 12

US: And the winner is…

On 19 December, the much-anticipated results of the unprecedented “Applied Sciences NYC” initiat... (+more) Edition: 2011, 12

Leiden University (re)launches a (new) global university ranking

Although some news outlets are reporting that Leiden University has launched a ‘new’ university ... (+more) Edition: 2011, 12

China: Alternative university entrance paths for Hong Kong students and the talented

China is easing the entrance of Hong Kong secondary school graduates into 63 selected mainland unive... (+more) Edition: 2011, 12

A centre focused on internationalisation in higher education opens in Milan

Although it is hard to dispute that internationalisation is a topic of central importance in Europea... (+more) Edition: 2012, 1

Spain: Post-election developments and challenges ahead

On 22 December 2011, nearly one month to the day after the resounding victory of Spain’s conservat... (+more) Edition: 2012, 1

Germany: BAföG hits a record

The German Federal Minister of Education and Science (BMBF), Annette Schavan, recently presented the... (+more) Edition: 2012, 1

Brazilian youth are “on the move” as Science Without Borders enters second phase

Brazil’s Science Without Borders programme, launched just last summer (see ACA Newsletter – Educ... (+more) Edition: 2012, 1

Chile: New minister - old problems?

Following a cabinet reshuffle in the last days of 2011, Chile has found itself with a new education ... (+more) Edition: 2012, 1

China’s first attempt to track changes of the Chinese study abroad market

China’s first attempt to track study abroad trends estimates that more than 350 000 Chinese studen... (+more) Edition: 2012, 1

French government complements the 31st May circular with more details: Marche arrière?

On 12 January, three French ministers responsible for the interior, employment and higher education ... (+more) Edition: 2012, 1

Poland KNOWs it! The government launches programme for leading national research centres

In January 2012, the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced the first round of th... (+more) Edition: 2012, 1

Pan-African University: When a dream comes true…

January 2012 heralds a new stage in higher education cooperation on the African continent as the Pre... (+more) Edition: 2012, 1

Scotland: A boost for higher education funding

Late December brought official word from the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) on the planned investmen... (+more) Edition: 2012, 1