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CEDEFOP - Improving lifelong guidance policies and systems: Using common European reference tools

This publication is an introduction to three common European reference tools for guidance: aims an... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

CEDEFOP - Vocational education and training in the United Kingdom

Vocational education and training (VET) systems in the UK tend to be complex as well as fast changin... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

UN - Education for Rural People

A new online toolkit by UNESCO and FAO offers formal and non-formal education on agriculture, forest... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

Economist survey - The state of Europe's higher education is a long-term threat to its competitiveness

A recent survey completed by the Economist on higher education argues that since the Second World Wa... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

Cedefop - The learning continuity: European inventory on validating non-formal and informal learning

This report represents the first effort to establish a European inventory of approaches to validatin... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10

Europe’s World: New Europe-wide policy journal

Europe’s World is an independent policy journal launched on 4 October 2005 by Friends of Europe an... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10

EUA's Bologna Handbook: Making Bologna Work

The Bologna Handbook is a new resource tool for higher education academics and administrators to gai... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10

OECD: Promoting Adult Learning

This publication provides policy guidance in an area that has been given little policy priority unti... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10

IIE: Diversity in International Education

The new Fall 2005 issue of the IIENetworker Magazine has just been published. The theme of the curre... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10

SIU: New edition of Global Knowledge out

A new edition of Global Knowledge – the magazine for international cooperation in research and hig... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10

OECD-Education Trends in Perspective

Education Trends in Perspective: Analysis of the World Education Indicators -- 2005 Edition This pu... (+more) Edition: 2005, 11

UNESCO: Lifelong Learning and Distance Higher Education

As the world becomes more and more globalised, education is increasingly crossing borders--be they n... (+more) Edition: 2005, 11

GUNI: Annual Report "Higher Education in the World"

The Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI), has announced the publication of a new annual r... (+more) Edition: 2005, 11

Implementing Bachelor and Master Programmes: a study comparing Germany with six European countries

In July 2004, the Centre for Research on Higher Education and Work (Kassel, Germany) undertook ... (+more) Edition: 2005, 12

Universities and the Europe of Knowledge - 50 years of history

This new publication written by Anne Corbett - Universities and the Europe of Knowledge - Ideas, Ins... (+more) Edition: 2005, 12

ETF Yearbook: the role of teachers and trainers in the reform of vocational education and training

The European Training Foundation (ETF) had published its 2005 Yearbook of the title Teachers and tra... (+more) Edition: 2005, 12

European glossary on education: Educational institutions

European Glossary on Education, Volume 2: Educational institutions (Second edition)Eurydice, 2005, 2... (+more) Edition: 2006, 1

European approaches to credit (transfer) systems in VET

European Approaches to Credit (Transfer) Ssystems in VET: an Assessment of the Applicability of Exis... (+more) Edition: 2006, 1

Perceptions of student price-responsiveness

Perceptions of student price-responsiveness; A behavioural economics exploration of the relationship... (+more) Edition: 2006, 1

A new publication on trends and developments in student mobility

International Mobility in Finnish Education – Trends and Developments in Tertiary and Secondary Ed... (+more) Edition: 2006, 1