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OECD - From Education to Work: A Difficult Transition for Young Adults with Low Levels of Education

(June 2005) This book presents the results of the project on Young Adults with Low Levels of Educa... (+more) Edition: 2005, 7

OECD - Teachers Matter: Attracting, Developing and Retaining Effective Teachers

(June 2005) Good teachers are the backbone of any education system. That’s why governments are con... (+more) Edition: 2005, 7

Highlights from "Citizenship Education at School in Europe"

(June 2005) Produced with the support of the European Commission, this new EURYDICE study focuses on... (+more) Edition: 2005, 7

EU-funded Eurostudent Report 2005: Social and Economic Conditions of Student Life in Europe

The EUROSTUDENT 2005 project aims to generate and present internationally comparable indicators on t... (+more) Edition: 2005, 7

CEDEFOP - The value of learning: evaluation and impact of education and training

The Commission's CEDEFOP research report The value of learning: evaluation and impact of education a... (+more) Edition: 2005, 8

Key data on education in Europe 2005

First published in 1994, Key Data on Education in Europe sets out a very wide variety of both qualit... (+more) Edition: 2005, 8

OECD - University Research Management: Meeting the Institutional Challenge

This publication sheds light on the issues now facing today’s universities as they confront the in... (+more) Edition: 2005, 8

European reference levels for education and training - Promoting credit transfer and mutual trust

This report is the principal outcome of the Cedefop-funded study on ‘reference levels - zones of m... (+more) Edition: 2005, 8

OECD Education at a Glance 2005

OECD calls for broader access to post-school education and training People are facing growing pressu... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

UNESCO Global Education Digest 2005 – Comparing Education Statistics Across the World

At the international level, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is responsible for monitoring ... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

CEDEFOP - European reference levels for education and training: promoting credit transfer and mutual trust

This report focuses on two key areas: (a) how zones of mutual trust (ZMTs) operate, and whether they... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

CEDEFOP - Improving lifelong guidance policies and systems: Using common European reference tools

This publication is an introduction to three common European reference tools for guidance: aims an... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

CEDEFOP - Vocational education and training in the United Kingdom

Vocational education and training (VET) systems in the UK tend to be complex as well as fast changin... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

UN - Education for Rural People

A new online toolkit by UNESCO and FAO offers formal and non-formal education on agriculture, forest... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

Economist survey - The state of Europe's higher education is a long-term threat to its competitiveness

A recent survey completed by the Economist on higher education argues that since the Second World Wa... (+more) Edition: 2005, 9

Cedefop - The learning continuity: European inventory on validating non-formal and informal learning

This report represents the first effort to establish a European inventory of approaches to validatin... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10

Europe’s World: New Europe-wide policy journal

Europe’s World is an independent policy journal launched on 4 October 2005 by Friends of Europe an... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10

EUA's Bologna Handbook: Making Bologna Work

The Bologna Handbook is a new resource tool for higher education academics and administrators to gai... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10

OECD: Promoting Adult Learning

This publication provides policy guidance in an area that has been given little policy priority unti... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10

IIE: Diversity in International Education

The new Fall 2005 issue of the IIENetworker Magazine has just been published. The theme of the curre... (+more) Edition: 2005, 10