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USA: Higher education reacts to new Arizona immigration law

On April 23, 2010, Arizona State Law S.B. 1070 was signed by the governor of that state, Jan Brewer.... (+more) Edition: 2010, 5

New Hungarian Minister for Education but constant challenges

Following the general elections Hungary has a new conservative ”superminister” responsible for e... (+more) Edition: 2010, 5

Tories and Lib Dems said YES, but not to higher education

With the new Conservative and Lib Dem coalition in power in the UK, new faces were appointed at the ... (+more) Edition: 2010, 5

Germany – more money for higher education

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has adopted a package of new measures a... (+more) Edition: 2010, 5

Germany: quality pact, Bologna summit and student discontent

Germany’s Federal Minister for Education, Annette Schavan, has announced a new funding package lab... (+more) Edition: 2010, 6

Education export and tuition fees à la Finland

The Finnish Government has recently adopted a resolution on the country’s education export strateg... (+more) Edition: 2010, 6

Africa and Canada to collaborate on university-industry linkages

On 26 May, the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) announced the formation of ... (+more) Edition: 2010, 6

Increased number of outgoing Erasmus students from Sweden

Sweden’s recently successful campaign to raise students’ awareness of the Erasmus programme will... (+more) Edition: 2010, 6

More ‘tuning’ ahead in the United States

After more than a year of pilot project work with tuning activities taken straight from the Bologna ... (+more) Edition: 2010, 6

Preparation for the implementation of tuition fees in Sweden

There had been several delays in passage of the bill that would require tuition fees (as of autumn 2... (+more) Edition: 2010, 6

Spanish-speaking universities organise around… Spanish

On 2 June 2010, at the 2nd Meeting of Universia Rectors in Guadalajara, Mexico, over 100 universitie... (+more) Edition: 2010, 6

‘Undocumented’ in the United States dare to DREAM

Momentum is building in the US higher education community in support of a piece of federal legislati... (+more) Edition: 2010, 6

Asian University Ranking 2010

The recently published QS University Ranking lists the most prominent universities in Asia. The Asia... (+more) Edition: 2010, 6

Soyez les bien (re)venus en France!

France is striving to lure its most promising young researchers back to the motherland after a postd... (+more) Edition: 2010, 7

United States: Public investment in (medical) education abroad scrutinised

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently issued an unambiguously titled report, Foreig... (+more) Edition: 2010, 7

A new ranking scheme, this time for Ibero-America

The universities of Latin America and the Iberian peninsula now know where they stand—at least acc... (+more) Edition: 2010, 7

Canada aims high with new Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship programme

Canada is the latest country to announce a strategic commitment to supporting cutting-edge research ... (+more) Edition: 2010, 7

England: ‘Graduate tax’ an unlikely option and excellence framework delayed

The debate on the future financing of English higher education is heating up. In early July, Busines... (+more) Edition: 2010, 7

Germany: Scholarship programme for top-performing students to go ahead

As was reported in the April 2010 edition of ACA Newsletter – Education Europe, the German federal... (+more) Edition: 2010, 7

Another look at student mobility to the United States

America’s National Science Foundation has joined a growing group of organizations tracking interna... (+more) Edition: 2010, 7