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OECD report on higher education in Ireland

OECD. Reviews of National Policies for Education - Higher Education in Ireland. (2006). OECD Publish... (+more) Edition: 2007, 6

E-infrastructure for research and education in Europe

European Commission, Directorate-General for the Information Society and Media. E-infrastructure: Co... (+more) Edition: 2007, 6

Post-secondary education export price index: US

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). How the bureau of labor statistics measures price change for expor... (+more) Edition: 2007, 6

OECD: economic survey on France

OECD. Economic survey of France. (2007). OECD Publishing. France - Volume 2007 Issue 13. ISBN:&... (+more) Edition: 2007, 7

OECD: higher education management and policy

OECD. Higher Education Management and Policy: Volume 19 Issue 1. OECD Publishing. ISBN : 926403... (+more) Edition: 2007, 7

UNESCO: corruption in education

Hallak , Jacques and Poisson, Muriel. Corruption in education: breaking the taboo.(2007). UNESCO’s... (+more) Edition: 2007, 7

OECD: review of Australian tertiary education

OECD. Thematic review of tertiary education: country background report – Australia. (2007). OECD P... (+more) Edition: 2007, 7

Higher education systems

Teichler, Ulrich. Higher education systems: Conceptual Frameworks, Comparative Perspectives, Empiric... (+more) Edition: 2007, 7

HE in the new century: global challenges and innovative ideas

Altbach, Philip G. and McGill Peterson, Patti. Higher education in the new century: global challenge... (+more) Edition: 2007, 7

Challenges for universities in Asia and Latin America

Altbach, Philip G. And Balan Jorge. Transforming research universities in Asia and Latin America: Wo... (+more) Edition: 2007, 7

186 indicators for internationalisation

Brandenburg, Uwe and Federkeil, Gero. How to measure internationality and internationalisation of hi... (+more) Edition: 2007, 7

OECD: globalisation and higher education

Marginson, Simon Prof. Dr. and Van der Wende, Marijk Prof. Dr. Globalisation and Higher Education: E... (+more) Edition: 2007, 8

OECD: linking research and policy

OECD. Evidence in Education: Linking Research and Policy. (July 2007). OECD Publishing. ISBN: 978926... (+more) Edition: 2007, 8

OECD: open educational resources

OECD. Giving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of Open Educational Resources. (July 2007). ISBN: 978... (+more) Edition: 2007, 8

UNESCO: quality assurance in higher education

Martin, Michaela and Stella, Antony. External Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Making Choices.... (+more) Edition: 2007, 8

G8 countries: comparative indicators of education

Miller, David C. Sen, Anindita Malley, Lydia B. Comparative Indicators of Education in the United St... (+more) Edition: 2007, 8

IIE study abroad white paper series

Institute of International Education. White Paper Number 1: Current Trends in U.S. Study Abroad &... (+more) Edition: 2007, 8

Technology transfer in Ireland

Cunningham, James and Harney, Brian. Strategic Management of Technology Transfer: the New Challenge ... (+more) Edition: 2007, 8

Eurydice: Key Data on Higher Education in Europe – 2007 Edition

Eurydice. Key data on higher education in Europe - 2007 Edition. Brussels: Eurydice, 2007. ISBN 978-... (+more) Edition: 2007, 9

New EUA Publication on PhD Programmes

European University Association. Doctoral Programmes in Europe’s Universities. Brussels: EUA, 2007... (+more) Edition: 2007, 9