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Tuition fee developments across the UK (part 1): Northern Ireland and Scotland

Keeping up with tuition fee decisions and related developments across the United Kingdom continues t... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

Tuition fee developments across the UK (part 2): England

As in Northern Ireland and Scotland, developments in England on the tuition fee front have also been... (+more) Edition: 2011, 9

A challenging education agenda for the new government in Denmark

The leader of the Social Democrats and head of the newly elected government of Denmark, Helle Thorni... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

China and Hong Kong: Increased funding to support outgoing mobility and research in private HEIs

Starting from 2012, the Chinese Government Scholarship Programme will be extended to fund outgoing m... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

UK: A snapshot picture of widening participation and questions for the future

This month brought an update in England on institutional efforts to ‘walk the talk’ on widening ... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

Expanding access to global university rankings: From ‘crème de la crème’ to ‘best of the rest’

With the publication of its 2011/12 World University Rankings, Times Higher Education (THE) has for ... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

US: “Merit aid” on the rise

Around the world, it seems that all major stakeholders are concerned about the financial support ava... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

California achieves what the US federal government does not – a DREAM Act

On 8 October, California’s governor, Jerry Brown, signed into law the second of two bills which to... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

Canada, UK, US: High level panels ponder national internationalisation strategies

The governments of two major global players in international higher education – Canada and Austral... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

Student protests in Chile – deadlocked at home but going international

The half-year struggle for the future of higher education in Chile shows little sign of resolution. ... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

A new ‘R&D champion’ inaugurated in the Czech Republic

Following the approval of the European Commission, the launch of the Central European Institute of T... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

In the aftermath of the ‘Arab Spring’: What place for universities?

The recent political turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa has interrupted academic activities... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

Student loans in Canada and the US – the good, the bad and the ugly

Canada and the US have seen a great deal of coverage – and concern – about student loan issues i... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

Italy: Support for institutions in the south

The Italian minister of education, Mariastella Gelmini, together with Raffaele Fitto, minister of re... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

Germany: First-year university student numbers soar + new money for widening access

The population of first-year students enrolled into German universities by the start of the winter s... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

‘The splendours and miseries’ of Australian academics

With a population of just over 21 million, Australia is one of the leading Nobel Prize–winning cou... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

Spain: The social dimension under the microscope

Late September saw the release of a first-of-its-kind study in the Spanish context. Known by its Spa... (+more) Edition: 2011, 10

New statement on academic freedom sparks debate in Canada

In late October, Canada’s universities adopted a new Statement on Academic Freedom that clarifies ... (+more) Edition: 2011, 11

Canada welcoming foreign PhD students as permanent residents

After having set a course for greater international marketing of Canadian universities (see ACA News... (+more) Edition: 2011, 11

Local stakeholders are made responsible for boosting graduate employment rate in China

2012 is regarded as the “implementation year” of China’s national policy to improve graduate e... (+more) Edition: 2011, 11