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Ambitious goals for Flemish action plan on student mobility

On 6 September, the Flemish regional government approved a strategic action plan on student mobility... (+more) Edition: 2013, 9

How do you say MOOCs in French?

On 2 October, Geneviève Fioraso, French Minister for Higher Education and Research inaugurated the ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 10

Israel: Scared of brain drain?

Mazel tov! This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to American-British-Israeli Michael Le... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 10

Public universities’ strike paralyses Nigeria’s higher education system

Thousands of Nigerian students are forced to stay at home due to an on-going strike by Nigeria’s A... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 10

Norway: Lifting restrictions on student loans and grants for studies in USA

Norwegian students will be eligible for student loans and grants for their studies in the USA. Accor... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 10

DESA/OECD figures on world migration and brain drain

The smaller a developing country’s population, the higher the risk that its highly skilled populat... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 10

Texas A&M University to set up campus in Israel

Transnational education continues to grow. This month, Texas A&M University announced to open up... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 10

A closer look at the THE World University Rankings 2013

It is October and now it is the Times Higher Education’s turn to publish their THE World Universit... (+more) Edition: 2013, 10

UK Russell Group: Gimme more!

Should ‘better’ universities be allowed to charge higher tuition fees? According to the prestigi... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 10

USA Student loan default rates rise – Back to 1995

Student debt in the United States has been notoriously bad and the situation is not getting better. ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 10

World Bank and Coursera: Teaming up for development and education

The World Bank and Coursera signed a partnership agreement aiming at establishing Massive Open Onlin... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 10

Russia expands tuition fee waive quota for foreign students

On 9 October, the Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev signed a decree increasing the quota for fo... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2013, 10

Norway’s new minister of education and research

The new government of Erna Solberg in Norway has been in office since mid-October and with the chang... (+more) Edition: 2013, 11

USA – Increase in international student numbers

The number of international students in the USA hits a new record high according to a report recentl... (+more) Edition: 2013, 11

Spain: Where is my Erasmus grant?

Spanish Minister of Education and Research Ignácio Wert has been forced to review his plans to cut ... (+more) Edition: 2013, 11

Shanghai statement calls for more research in and on higher education

On 2-3 November higher education stakeholders from all over the world met at Shanghai with the objec... (+more) Edition: 2013, 11

Mexico: Burn after reading!

A document, which seriously risks jeopardising the Mexican educational reform, was leaked to the Mex... (+more) Edition: 2013, 11

Happy Birthday University of Luxembourg

This year, the University of Luxembourg is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The official celebrati... (+more) Edition: 2013, 11

Farewell 1994 group!

The UK 1994 group has announced its dissolution earlier this month. An official statement was i... (+more) Edition: 2013, 11

Australia II – Why don’t we sell off our student debt?

Rumours have been going on for a few weeks and now it has been more or less officially confirmed –... (+more) Edition: 2013, 11