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New UNESCO Director-General from Bulgaria

The new candidate nominated for the post of UNESCO Director-General is the Bulgarian diplomat Irina ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 9

2010: A boost for Europe-Asia cooperation in higher education

In May 2008 the Ministers of Education in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries convened in Berli... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10

How to be excellent: the Dutch way

The Dutch Ministry of Education has announced a EUR 19 million increase in the budget for the Sirius... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10

THE 2009 World Rankings

At a first glance, the 2009 world university rankings of Times Higher Education display a familiar p... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10

Austria suffers from inflow of German students

Austria is one of the countries with the highest share of foreign students in Europe. But they origi... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10

ComPELLing effect

On 17 September, the US House of Representatives passed a student aid bill that will strengthen the ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10

Where do the world’s best scientists come from?

This month has seen the award of the 2009 Nobel Prizes. The choice of Barak Obama for the Peace Priz... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10

New faces at the helm of education ministries across Europe

The first days of autumn brought a wave of changes at the lead of education ministries in Europe –... (+more) Edition: 2009, 10

Teaming up: Commonwealth Secretariat and UNESCO on education

On 30 October, the Commonwealth Secretariat and UNESCO signed a cooperation agreement to work togeth... (+more) Edition: 2009, 11

Greek higher education - one step forward and two back?

A month ago Anna Diamandopoulu took office as the Greek Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning an... (+more) Edition: 2009, 11

Open Doors 2009 - Record numbers

The annual Open Doors Report on international educational exchange – published by the Institute of... (+more) Edition: 2009, 11

Protests - targeted at whom?

In yet another wave of fury and disappointment, thousands of German students have taken to the stree... (+more) Edition: 2009, 11

2009 academic ranking of world universities

One month after the Times Higher Education (THE) global rankings, Shanghai Jiao Tong University rele... (+more) Edition: 2009, 11

American academics on the move – in theory

The Chronicle of Higher Education carried out a large-scale survey of several thousand American univ... (+more) Edition: 2009, 12

Stars on the 'ranking sky' - CHE Excellence Ranking

The German Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) extended its Excellence Ranking with the fi... (+more) Edition: 2009, 12

UK’s vicious circle – less international student, less prestigious place on the Rankings

It seems to be just the first step to go through the competitive admission process to enrol at one o... (+more) Edition: 2009, 12

Completing graduate management programmes inside or outside the US?

The Graduate Management Admission Council’s (GMAC) Application Trends Survey 2009 reported a recor... (+more) Edition: 2009, 12

Hungary’s higher education: shutting down or opening up?

There is currently an  intensive debate going on now between two groups of academics in Hungary... (+more) Edition: 2010, 1

Switzerland: rectors’ conferences adopt national qualifications framework

In many countries, the rectors’ conferences of the different types of higher education institution... (+more) Edition: 2010, 1

Australia can lose its international PhD graduates?

In recent years the Australian higher educational system has become more and more dependent on overs... (+more) Edition: 2010, 1