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Australia establishes new quality agency

On 23 March 2011, the Australian government passed legislation to create the Tertiary Education Qual... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Foreign recognition front and centre in Germany and Greece – and beyond

In Germany, legislative steps are being taken to improve the recognition of (certain) foreign degree... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

US: National Research Council revises doctoral programme assessment findings

The autumn 2010 release by the National Research Council of A Data-based Assessment of Research-doct... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Emerging role for alumni and students in UK universities’ governance

The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) in the UK released a report on 31 March 2011 titled Uni... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

World Bank issues new education strategy

At its April 2011 Board of Directors meeting, the World Bank discussed and approved a new education ... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

US: Falling short on community college completion rates, but aspiring to more

Higher education policymakers and institutional leaders in the US are increasingly concerned about h... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

France: Climbing the excellence mountain

Further concrete steps have been taken in the French excellence initiative, with the announcement of... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

US: Federal budget cuts spell trouble for international education programmes

In a dramatic end to the long awaited 2011 federal fiscal year budget passed by the US Congress, the... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Sweden: Numbers of accepted students for 2011/12 fall precipitously

Earlier this year, ACA reported that the number of students submitting applications for autumn 2011 ... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Adoption of IREG ranking audit rules

When the International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence co... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

UK: New roles for private higher education providers?

As the landscape of the UK public higher education sector continues to undergo marked changes in reg... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Germany: Labour market accepts bachelor graduates

There had long been worries about the employability of bachelor graduates in Europe – particularly... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

China tests the water, enters transnational higher education market

In late April, China approved Soochow University’s (SCU) plan to enrol its first students at the u... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

An uncertain future for the Pan African University

On 11-13 May 2011, the first extraordinary session of the Conference of Ministers of Education of th... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

HIS study finds high degree of internationalisation among young German researchers

The biographies and the everyday working reality of young German researchers are characterised by a ... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Germany: New round in Excellence Initiative

A new selection round has been started in Germany’s Excellence Initiative. The Excellence Initiati... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

US: New “gainful employment” rule finalised

Following what the US Department of Education characterises as the most extensive public input in th... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Israel: First three centres of research excellence announced

On 21 May 2011, the Israeli government announced the first three recipients of the Israeli Centers o... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Australia: 2010 international education figures yield mixed results

Australian Education International (AEI), the international arm of the Australian government’s Dep... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Australian government scraps controversial journal ranking

The Australian Research Council (ARC) abandoned the use of journal ranking in the government’s Exc... (+more) Edition: 0, 0