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QS University Rankings 2014: Asia and Latin America - displaying regional priorities

Earlier this month QS Ranking 2014 was published displaying the lists of top ranked universities in ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 5

OECD TALIS study: Love thy teacher

The latest OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) reveals that more than 90% o... (+more) Edition: 2014, 6

Sweden: Welcome to new University Chancellor

From 1 June 2014 Sweden has a new University Chancellor - Professor Harriet Wallberg. In this capaci... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 6

Germany: National report on education 2014

The fifth national report on education in Germany has been published. It analyses the entire structu... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 6

Strategies on Africa in Germany and in DAAD

The German ministry of education and research has published a strategy on Africa in order to provide... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 6

Norway: new calls for proposals for international cooperation

Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) has launched calls for proposals f... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 6

UNESCO: draft Muscat Agreement adopted - renewed post-2015 global education targets

The draft Muscat Agreement, adopted in May at the Global Meeting on Education for All (2014 GEM) in ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 6

250 million children without basic education, a record amount of funds pledged for Global Education

The Education for All Global Monitoring Report policy paper published this June shows that 250 ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 6

New US rating plan: Feeding “the best”, weeding out the rest

In August 2013 President Obama introduced the US government’s plan to develop the so-called Postse... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 6

Edraak: the home of Arab MOOCs

Its name is Edraak and it is the first Arabic free MOOC platform. Launched in May, Edraak is support... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 6

The Brazilian job: More students, more private universities, more loans

This month 653 992 Brazilian students applied for the second edition of the ProUni scholarship schem... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 6

Turkey's got a ticket to EU ride

Turkey has officially joined the Erasmus+ programme. The Agreement signed in May with the European C... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 6

The Netherlands: A new vision for smarter, more creative and entrepreneurial workforce

Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker, has announced this month the gover... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 7

PASET: a new partnership for quality education in Sub-Saharan Africa

A new partnership in support of education in Sub-Saharan Africa was established on 12 June among 12 ... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 7

OBHE study: Transnational education vs international student mobility: Substitutes or distinct markets?

While the provision of transnational education (TNE) is growing globally through outsourced programm... (+more) Edition: 2014, 7

Brazil without Borders

Science without Borders, the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Undergraduate Programme, will enter its s... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 7

Turkey: YOK as in NO?

One of the words for ‘no’ in Turkish is yok. Interestingly, YOK is also the acronym of the Counc... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 7

UK: New Minister for Universities and Science

In the recent government reshuffle Greg Clark replaced David Willets as Minister of State for Univer... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 7

Spain to go beyond Erasmus mobility

Spain has recently removed the entrance exam (Selectividad) as an enrolment requirement for intern... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 7

Germany: Bafög increase, National strategy on ERA

State–aid for students “Bafög” increased in Germany The German government raised the level o... (+logon/subscribe for more) Edition: 2014, 7