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EUA: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in European Higher Education Institutions

As part of the INVITED project, EUA conducted a mapping exercise amongst European higher education i... (+more) Edition: 2019, 11

SAR Reports: Obstacles to Excellence and Freedom to Think 2019

The Scholars at Risk network has recently published two relevant reports addressing numerous instanc... (+more) Edition: 2019, 11

Germany: government reports on international cooperation in education and research

In March 2015, Germany’s Federal Parliament (Bundestag) asked the Federal government to report eve... (+more) Edition: 2019, 11

New study about shrinking universities in Germany and how they attract international students

The study „Countering Demographic Decline – How Germany’s shrinking universities attract and r... (+more) Edition: 2019, 11

Report on Germany’s investments in education in 2019

The newly published report on investments in education in Germany shows that an increase of EUR 4,6 ... (+more) Edition: 2019, 12

Rethink China: The end of the affair

This report, by Education Rethink, looks into Chinese student mobility to four major host destinatio... (+more) Edition: 2019, 12

Report: UK students from lower socio-economic background end up at ‘less prestigious’ universities regardless of their grades

Up to one in four students from lower socio-economic backgrounds take courses at ‘less prestigious... (+more) Edition: 2019, 12

International scholars in Eastern Europe – external motivations crucial for recruitment process

This paper, based on 100 in-depth interviews conducted in Poland and another 40 in Slovakia, analyse... (+more) Edition: 2019, 12

GUNi 7th Higher Education in the World Report

On 10 December Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi) launched its 7th Higher Education in ... (+more) Edition: 2019, 12

International Higher Education and Public Diplomacy: A Case Study of Ugandan Graduates from Chinese Universities

Rapid extension of international students in China increased rapidly with the backing of public dipl... (+more) Edition: 2020, 1

International Handbook of Universities 2019

International Association of Universities published their annual International Handbook of Universit... (+more) Edition: 2020, 1

Erasmus+ Annual report

The 2018 annual report on Erasmus+, published today, shows that over the last three decades, more th... (+more) Edition: 2020, 1

EUA: Brexit – what now for universities?

Following statements in January 2020 by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, that the United K... (+more) Edition: 2020, 1

European Journal of Higher Education – special issue on the Bologna Process “External Dimension”

The European Journal of Higher Education published a special issue on "Twenty Years of the Bolo... (+more) Edition: 2020, 1

New DAAD study „Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society“ (IHES)

The DAAD has commissioned a study on “Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society”, a f... (+more) Edition: 2020, 2

Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions

This reference source covers all higher education themes in a comprehensive, accessible and comparat... (+more) Edition: 2020, 2

Higher Education, Pedagogy and Social Justice

This book explores how the concepts of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion can be unders... (+more) Edition: 2020, 2

Major Challenges Facing Higher Education in the Arab World: Quality Assurance and Relevance

This book focuses on two issues that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency by universities in ... (+more) Edition: 2020, 2

Annual report on sexism in Higher education in France: a focus on Engineer schools.

Since January 2017, the Haut Conseil à l’Égalité (HCE) in France publishes an annual report on ... (+more) Edition: 2020, 3

Permanent contracts and job satisfaction in academia: evidence from European countries

Temporary contracts are increasingly being used in academia. This is a major concern for non-tenured... (+more) Edition: 2020, 3