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Monitor of international student mobility in Holland reveals 2005 results

Student mobility in the Netherlands in 2005 has increased, in terms of both incoming and outgoing mo... (+more) Edition: 2006, 9

OECD's Education at a Glance 2006: Key findings

The OECD has published the 2006 edition of its annual report Education at a Glance. The report ... (+more) Edition: 2006, 9

Grado, master y doctor: Bologna degrees in Spain

The Spanish minister of education and science has just presented a proposal for the reform of the st... (+more) Edition: 2006, 9

Sweden: new minister for education and research in Sweden/extra funds for research

Sweden has a new centre-right coalition government. Lars Leijonborg, leader of the Liberal Party, is... (+more) Edition: 2006, 10

US: Secretary of Education announces action plan for US higher education

In September 2005, the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe reported on the formation of a Commission... (+more) Edition: 2006, 10

Germany: celebrations, tears and hot debates over “winners” of the first round of the Excellence Initiative

“Only three universities are elite”, titled the online portal of the German news channel... (+more) Edition: 2006, 10

THES World University Rankings: 2006 edition published

This month, the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) published its worldwide ranking of universi... (+more) Edition: 2006, 10

France: new initiative aims to team up university students with pupils in underprivileged areas

After the riots in the “banlieue” of several French cities and political debate on the need to i... (+more) Edition: 2006, 10

Ireland: Challenges ahead for the Celtic Tiger

Ireland’s development in the last decade has been a dream. The country’s economy outperformed gr... (+more) Edition: 2006, 10

Research and Development in the Nordic countries: how to stay at the top

The world envies the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) for appearing a... (+more) Edition: 2006, 10

France presents conclusions from the national debate “University-Employment”

The recent French report De l’Université à l’Emploi (From University to Employment) proposes s... (+more) Edition: 2006, 11

Fighting brain drain in Africa: A joint initiative of UNESCO and HP

A new measure in the fight against brain drain in Africa is the joint project of UNESCO’s Educatio... (+more) Edition: 2006, 11

CHE’s international ranking of universities: Extension to the Netherlands and Flanders

The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE), Germany, has made a further step in its ranking o... (+more) Edition: 2006, 11

IIE releases Open Doors 2006 Report on international educational exchange

The Institute of International Education (IIE), with support from the US Department of State's Burea... (+more) Edition: 2006, 11

Germany: “Higher Education Pact 2020” concluded

Germany is one of the few countries in Europe where student numbers are still expected to rise subst... (+more) Edition: 2006, 11

CGS report: 3-year Bachelor less of an issue at US institutions

The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) has just released its annual survey of its US member instituti... (+more) Edition: 2006, 11

Sweden forms Globalization Council

Many in Sweden see globalisation, the increasing integration of economies through trade and financia... (+more) Edition: 2006, 12

New database on effective practices in student success

The Effective Practices in Student Success (EPSS) database is a new project of the Educational Polic... (+more) Edition: 2006, 12

OECD recommends to Portugal reforms in tertiary education

Portugal should undertake reforms in its universities and other post-secondary schooling institution... (+more) Edition: 2007, 1

OECD: China to become world’s second biggest investor in R&D by the end of 2006

The recent OECD report Science, Technology and Industry Outlook 2006 forecasts that, by the end of 2... (+more) Edition: 2006, 12