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Familiar face in the Estonian Ministry of Education

Estonia's new government led by Prime Minister Andrus Ansip was sworn in this month in the nation's ... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

UK Minority Languages speak out to Europe

On 15 March, the Council of Europe issued its second report on the situation of minority languages i... (+more) Edition: 2007, 3

Hope for an African higher education area

Although the Bologna process is not without challenges, it may provide inspiration for the African c... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic: Call for applications 2007/2008

Establishment of the National scholarship programme for the support of mobility of students, PhD. st... (+more) Edition: 2007, 3

Female Education Minister in Kuwait: dress codes

Kuwaiti Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah approved a new 16-member cabinet with two women minister... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

Rankings most influential on top-student choice

This recent study carried out by the Knowledge Partnership, an education consultancy, delves into th... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

Latin America: regional education project

On March 29-30, the Ministers and Vice-Ministers of education from the 41 countries of Latin America... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

Homosexuality and education: controversial Polish proposal

A recent informal meeting of EU Education Ministers in Heidelberg to discuss Lisbon reform was certa... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

Controversial higher education reforms in Greece

After a three months of fervent protest, Greek universities recommenced classes on 16 April. The dis... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

Russia realising Bologna: two-tied system passed

Russia, a 2003 Bologna Process signatory, has taking a large step in higher education cycle reform. ... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

OECD report on Slovakia achievements in education

Published this month, the new economic survey of the Slovak Republic highlights that improving educa... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

U.S. loans and lender privatisation debate

The US’ 85 billion dollar a year student loan industry in under high legal scrutiny. In the race t... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

Finland: elections and education portfolios

The Finnish Parliament is celebrating its centenary in 2006-2007. After 100 years, the recent parlia... (+more) Edition: 2007, 4

Spain: new law for university hiring

Spain has made strides in university reform with a recent amendment to the organic law of universiti... (+more) Edition: 2007, 5

Higher education system facing reforms in Hungary

Seven major Hungarian universities, along with former Finance Minister and current CEO of the Centra... (+more) Edition: 2007, 5

Portugal and MIT collaboration

The Portuguese government, through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education entered ... (+more) Edition: 2007, 5

Baltic region set the example for research spending

Since 2005, the European Commission has set out plans to double its research budget to 70 billion Eu... (+more) Edition: 2007, 5

French election: students already resistent to Sarkozy education agenda

Nicholas Sarkozy’s recent election in France met divided and ripe emotions amongst students in Fra... (+more) Edition: 2007, 5

Northern Cyprus universities and the Bologna Process

The recent ministerial summit meeting in London on the Bologna Process was marked by an intense disc... (+more) Edition: 2007, 5

U.S. student loan drama continues

Amidst a nation-wide lenders’ scandal and multi-million dollar investigation, reported on in last ... (+more) Edition: 2007, 5