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The African diaspora

On 21-25 October the Association of African Universities organised its Conference of Rectors, Vice-C... (+more) Edition: 2007, 12

US universities: buying their way to the top

As both the domestic and the global race for top students tighten amongst US universities, heaps of ... (+more) Edition: 2007, 12

Asean action plan for more collaboration on higher education

On 1 December, ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Nations, adopted an action plan for collaboration... (+more) Edition: 2007, 12

Government shuffling in Australia and the US

After a shake-up election last month in Australia, the Australian Labour Party’s Kevin Rudd ousted... (+more) Edition: 2007, 12

Buyer beware in Britain

A BBC London investigation has exposed an international education scam targeted at foreign students.... (+more) Edition: 2008, 1

Suits you, Sir: higher education to be tailored in the UK

In his annual grant letter to the Higher Education Funding Council for England, the Universities Sec... (+more) Edition: 2008, 1

The Baltics join the Nordplus Programme

Nordplus is the Nordic cooperation programme that, like the LLP, finances all aspects of life-long l... (+more) Edition: 2008, 1

Canada and university teachers

The Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada (AUCC) has now calculated that half of the 40... (+more) Edition: 2008, 1

New Central Asian University

With financing from Aga Khan, a Central Asian University with campuses in Tadszjikistan, Kazakhstan ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 1

Indian mega-campus in Malaysia

Gua Tempurong in Malaysia is about to witness a new chapter in international higher education and re... (+more) Edition: 2008, 1

British Council in Russia

Foreign Secretary Davil Miliband has warned Russia over ”intimidation.”  St.Petersburg offi... (+more) Edition: 2008, 1

Veiled debates in Turkey and beyond

The Turkish parliament has voted the end of the controversial ban on headscarves at Turkish universi... (+more) Edition: 2008, 2

Bachelor effects in Germany

A study carried out by the German Centre “Hochschul-Informations-System“ (HIS) seems to break di... (+more) Edition: 2008, 2

No smoke without fire? Court shuts St Petersburg university

The management of the European University in St Petersburg (EUSP) was ordered to suspend its activit... (+more) Edition: 2008, 2

Australia offers free tuition

Australian universities have registered a shortage of domestic students in higher education and have... (+more) Edition: 2008, 2

University funding reformed in Ireland

The Irish Higher Education Authority plans to incorporate performance measures into their higher edu... (+more) Edition: 2008, 2

Kenya and Zimbabwe close universities

University World News 11 of this month reports that Kenyan universities have been closed for some ti... (+more) Edition: 2008, 2

Minority alert for US college leadership

A new survey by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the College and University Professional ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 2

Overseas students flock to Britain - proofreaders in distress

A survey from the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate) shows that the UK is reaching th... (+more) Edition: 2008, 2

France holds high hopes for higher education

Dreading to lag behind, France is looking to reinforce its position as a key player in world affairs... (+more) Edition: 2008, 2