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The Canadians budget for higher education

In the 2008 budget, the Canadian government says “Improving Canada’s competitive position means ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 3

The British government wants 20 new campuses in the UK

The Guardian reports that John Denham, the universities secretary, “is calling on towns and cities... (+more) Edition: 2008, 3

Germany: Go East, young man!

The universities in former East Germany are joining forces in trying to attract secondary education ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 3

Finns join forces in the name of Innovation

In Finland, the Ministry of Education has recently published a proposal to create an Innovation Univ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 3

Google Alert on Higher Education

A nationwide inquiry was recently launched in the UK to look at how the use of new technologies such... (+more) Edition: 2008, 3

Researchers on the streets in Paris

Several unions organizing researchers in France got about 600 of their members on the streets of Par... (+more) Edition: 2008, 3

OSI calls for innovative minds

The Open Society Institute (OSI) has just launched a new fellowship programme to support outstanding... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

Ireland no longer the Land of Goodbyes

The Irish Higher Education Authority (HEA) has stated that Ireland should aim to double the amount o... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

Scotland generous to students

The Scottish Cabinet has decided to abolish the graduate endowment on April 1. The fee was introduce... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

Expanding Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia plans to open twelve new universities in the coming years.  He al... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

Rankings under critical eye in the UK

Coinciding thematically with the latest ACA Policy Seminar on rankings, a recently published survey ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

Turkey building universities on sand?

Starting this year, Turkey is going to implement some serious changes in the higher education sector... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

UK scholars under pressure

A survey of 1,700 UK scholars reveals that the majority of academics fear the effects of funding pre... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

From chavs to graduates - UK admissions system to be reformed?

In order to widen access to higher education, the UK Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

Germany OECD - bad marks in education

The 2008 OECD Economic Survey of Germany states that the country has been enjoying a strong cyclical... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

Education collapses in Zimbabwe

The Boston Globe reports a complete collapse of education in Zimbabwe. The catastrophic economic dev... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

Spanish universities are to listen to a different drummer

The Spanish premier José Luis Zapatero presented his new cabinet on April 12. What at first glance ... (+more) Edition: 2008, 4

Greek philosophy of student allocation

The demographic shift of labour away from the areas outside economic centres has forced many Europea... (+more) Edition: 2008, 5

Violence blows up in Zimbabwe

Last month the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe reported on the chaotic elections in Zimbabw... (+more) Edition: 2008, 5

Austrians promote gender equality

The Austrian Government is planning to introduce a women quota on the university governing boar... (+more) Edition: 2008, 5