Queenie Lam

Queenie joined ACA as Project Officer in late 2010. She is currently ACA’s Project Manager, responsible for a mixed portfolio of project development, policy research and membership services. Within ACA, she is a specialist in international education marketing and communication, rankings, EU-China mobility and funding. She has consistently developed new projects, published and organised events related to these specific themes over the years. Recently, she’s been deeply involved with the mapping of EU-China researcher mobility and a critical assessment of the quality indicators of global university rankings, as well as a series of internationalisation audits in Hungary in which she serves as an external expert.        

Queenie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Translation from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) (2002) (with an exchange year spent at Georgetown University, USA), as well as an MPhil in Communication from the same university (2006). After four years of employment as Executive Officer at CUHK (2004-2008), where she dealt with international staff recruitment and student mobility, she studied in Germany and obtained a Master's degree in International Higher Education and Research at the University of Kassel (2008-2012), where she also worked briefly as Research Assistant at INCHER-Kassel and as Senior Advisor for the university's summer and winter schools.  

Since October 2014, Queenie has embarked on a doctoral journey to trace the so-called "world-class universities" in the public(ity) sphere constructed by and through global rankings. The project is jointly supervised by Jeroen Huisman of the Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent (Belgium) and Ulrich Teichler of INCHER-Kassel (Germany).

Queenie is a resident of Brussels (Forest), a citizen of Hong Kong SAR and a national of both China and the UK. She is married to Christof Schöch, a German Digital Humanities scholar specialised in French literary history.