Edition 96 - April 2009

News from ACA

ACA seminar looked into the changing mobility trends

On 27 March ACA’s 21st European Policy Seminar gathered in Brussels a full-house of participants f... (+more)

DAAD plants seeds of excellence in Africa

The South African-German Centre of Excellence for Development Research and Criminal Justice was open... (+more)

ACA members work together to transfer expertise

ACA members find different venues to cooperate and exchange good practice. Among the most recent one... (+more)

Upcoming ACA events

The ACA 2009 Annual Conference is almost here around the corner. Springtime Warsaw will be... (+more)

European Policy

The Bologna Process into the next decade

Leuven/Louvain-la-Neuve was the venue for the ministers responsible for higher education (within the... (+more)

A Romanian to take the lead at ETF

In mid-April Madlen Serban was appointed the new director of the European Training Foundation (ETF),... (+more)

Train cancelled

The Erasmus Student Network would like to inform readers that, to its deepest  regrets, th... (+more)

EIT – let the competition begin

One month after making public the selection criteria (see ACA Newsletter – Education Europe, March... (+more)

Education ministers to save Europe from the economic downturn

Gathered in Prague, on 22-23 March 2009, for an informal meeting under the auspices of the Czech Pre... (+more)

Unity in linguistic diversity - the European Parliament on multilingualism

On 24 March, the European Parliament (EP) issued a resolution on multilingualism, in reponse to the ... (+more)

European higher education through students’ eyes

This is the image that the 2009 Eurobarometer survey, Students and Higher Education Reform, is tryin... (+more)

EU push for university-business cooperation

Through its recent communication – ‘A new partnership for the modernisation of universities: the... (+more)

The ERC under the microscope

The ERC is under scrutiny. A panel of six prominent experts, with a strong background in research po... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

US on Bologna

The changes in higher education policy and practice in Europe, started in 1999 and collectively know... (+more)

Greek universities – the paradise of protesters

Events in the past few months have proven that universities across Greece are becoming a safe heaven... (+more)

UK - sneaking a peak at what the competitors are doing

A new report, entitled UK Universities and Europe: Competition and Internationalisation, jointly pro... (+more)

The British should fight harder gender inequality

While the number of women academics at British universities rose slightly compared to last year, the... (+more)

Knowledge without borders – Swedish higher education in the era of globalisation

Means to increase Swedish students’ interest in studying abroad, more resources to attract qualifi... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Call for tender on mapping of mobility

As a follow up of the recommendations of the high level forum on mobility and the conclusions of the... (+more)

Extended deadline for cooperation projects between the EU and Canada

In the context of the European Union - Canada framework for cooperation in higher education, trainin... (+more)


World Higher Education Database 2009

IAU, World Higher Education Database 2009 (WHED). Palgrave Macmillan. 2009. ISBN: 9781403992635 (sin... (+more)

The quality of educational research

Besley, T.A.C (Ed.) Assessing the Quality of Educational Research in Higher Education. International... (+more)

Education Today - the OECD Perspective

OECD. Education Today. OECD Publishing, 2009. ISBN: 9789264059894. Pages: 96. This book presents OE... (+more)

Two new publications by EUA

EUA. Trends in Quality Assurance. European University Association, 2009. Pages: 84. This publicatio... (+more)

Tertiary Education in Chile

OECD. Reviews of National Policies for Education: Tertiary Education in Chile. OECD Publishing, 2009... (+more)

Perspectives on the European Higher Education Area

Kehm, B., Huisman J. and Stensaker, S. (Eds.) The European Higher Education Area: Perspectives on a ... (+more)

Entrepreneurialism in the European Higher Education Area

Schattock, M. (Ed.) Entrepreneurialism in Universities and the Knowledge Economy Diversification and... (+more)


Upcoming international events

4-9 May 2009The Association of African Universities (AAU) - "Sustainable Development in Africa:... (+more)