Edition 77 - September 2007

News from ACA

Get your free copy of the new ACA Member Directory

ACA is pleased to announce that the new Directory of ACA Member Organisations is now available. This... (+more)

Ann Verreth new Secretary General of VLHORA

The board of Flemish ACA member VLHORA has appointed Anne Verreth as the new secretary general of th... (+more)

Successful ACA seminar at EAIE conference

The EAIE/ACA Seminar is by now a fixture at the annual conferences of the European Association for I... (+more)

ACA European Policy Seminar on EU-US Higher Education Relations

ACA would like to remind that registrations are still open for what will no doubt be an exciting sem... (+more)

CampusFrance launches new series of international career symposia

Based on the premise that a country’s attractiveness depends to a certain extent on its ability to... (+more)

IIE: Expanding Study Abroad

In response to the growing need to encourage more U.S. students to study abroad and national-level U... (+more)

European Policy

Second round of Atlantis projects

One year after its launch, the Atlantis programme is proving to be increasingly popular. Fourteen ne... (+more)

EHEFs take on Malaysia

The most recent EHEF (European Higher Education Fair), a project funded under the Commission’s Asi... (+more)

Fueling SMEs: Large investment in R+D partnerships

Fueling SME’s (small medium enterprises) has topped the European Commission’s R&D agenda rec... (+more)

European Commission launches consultation on multilingualism

The Directorate for Education and Culture of the European Commission has launched a consultation on ... (+more)

European Commission to encourage e-skills

On 7 September, the European Commission published a Communication urging action to enhance digital c... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

More trouble for the US: Graduate enrollment and Study Abroad Providers

A recent survey from the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) in the US reveals that though the number ... (+more)

Education at a Glance 2007: higher education pays off

On 18 September, the OECD launched the 2007 edition of its annual publication Education at a Glance.... (+more)

Competing for skilled migrants: Work visa reform

On 1 September, the Australian government amended its migration regulations by introducing new work ... (+more)

Turning the tables: Dubai to open branch campuses in India

The HCT, the Association of Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai, announced its plan to reinforce ... (+more)

Money up for grabs: Dutch university competition

Dutch universities are fuelling up a healthy spirit of competition. The need to compete particularly... (+more)

UNESCO appoints new Assistant Director-General for Education

Nicholas Burnett was appointed UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education on 5 September. An ec... (+more)

Reform in Slovakia: Realising the Bologna Process

SAIA, one of ACA’s Slovak members, informs us that on 1 September an amendment to the Slovak highe... (+more)

Is Sweden going English?

The August edition of the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe reported about the appointment of Swed... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Survey: Individual career development and continuing vocational training (CVT)

The EACEA has opened a call for tender on individual career development and continuing vocational tr... (+more)

Erasmus and its impact on excellence in Higher Education in Europe

The European Commission is opening a call for a survey to be carried out on the “Erasmus Programme... (+more)

Information visits to the EC in Brussels

The general aim of this call is to hire a contractor who is able to provide the European Commission'... (+more)

Study on terminology in adult learning and monitoring the sector

The overall objective of this contract is to support the European Commission in monitoring and analy... (+more)


Eurydice: Key Data on Higher Education in Europe – 2007 Edition

Eurydice. Key data on higher education in Europe - 2007 Edition. Brussels: Eurydice, 2007. ISBN 978-... (+more)

New EUA Publication on PhD Programmes

European University Association. Doctoral Programmes in Europe’s Universities. Brussels: EUA, 2007... (+more)

Reverse Brain Drain: Immigration Backlog in the US

Wadhwa, Vivek, Jasso, Guillermina, Rissing, Ben, Gereffi, Gary and Freeman, Richard B., Intellectual... (+more)

OECD and World Bank on Cross-Border Tertiary Education for Development

OECD (in cooperation with the World Bank), Cross-border Tertiary Education: A Way towards Capacity D... (+more)

Council of Europe: Conceptualising qualifications

Bergan, Sjur, Qualifications — Introduction to a concept (Council of Europe higher education serie... (+more)

Strong higher education growth in middle and low-income countries

UNESCO Institute of Statistics: "Education counts - Benchmarking progress in 19 WEI countr... (+more)


Upcoming events

6-12 October 2007International Education Fairs of Turkey (IEFT) Istanbul, TurkeyWeb: http://www.ieft... (+more)