Edition 84 - April 2008

News from ACA

European Policy Seminar ranked successful

The ACA Secretariat is happy to report the successful outcome of the second European Policy Seminar ... (+more)

VLIR Equality guide: Human Resource Instruments for Equal Opportunities at Universities

With the project Equality guide: HR instruments for Equal Opportunities at Universities, VLIR has pa... (+more)

French and Germans offer new online study and work services

CampusFrance has just launched a new online catalogue for international students wishing to pursue a... (+more)

Universities Australia Action Plan: Advancing equity and participation in Australian higher education

Universities Australia today released its action plan to address participation and equity levels in ... (+more)

Study in Europe with study-in-europe

Mostra Communications has recently launched the Study in Europe website. The site is a portal with i... (+more)

European Policy

Another chance for the European Research Area

On 15 April 2008, almost ten years after the initial launch of the European Research Area (ERA) conc... (+more)

Further steps in knowledge transfer

On April 10, the European Commission adopted a specific, non-binding Recommendation on knowledge tra... (+more)

Once an Erasmus, always an Erasmus

A recent study among one-time exchange students by the German Institut zur Zukunft der Arbeit (IZA) ... (+more)

Paving the way for mobility in vocation education

Early this month the European Commission officially launched its initiative on a European credit sys... (+more)

The next steps in the Bologna Process

Already in March, the Bologna Follow-up Group (BFUG) met in Brdo, Slovenia and took important decisi... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

OSI calls for innovative minds

The Open Society Institute (OSI) has just launched a new fellowship programme to support outstanding... (+more)

Ireland no longer the Land of Goodbyes

The Irish Higher Education Authority (HEA) has stated that Ireland should aim to double the amount o... (+more)

Scotland generous to students

The Scottish Cabinet has decided to abolish the graduate endowment on April 1. The fee was introduce... (+more)

Expanding Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia plans to open twelve new universities in the coming years.  He al... (+more)

Rankings under critical eye in the UK

Coinciding thematically with the latest ACA Policy Seminar on rankings, a recently published survey ... (+more)

Turkey building universities on sand?

Starting this year, Turkey is going to implement some serious changes in the higher education sector... (+more)

UK scholars under pressure

A survey of 1,700 UK scholars reveals that the majority of academics fear the effects of funding pre... (+more)

From chavs to graduates - UK admissions system to be reformed?

In order to widen access to higher education, the UK Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities... (+more)

Germany OECD - bad marks in education

The 2008 OECD Economic Survey of Germany states that the country has been enjoying a strong cyclical... (+more)

Education collapses in Zimbabwe

The Boston Globe reports a complete collapse of education in Zimbabwe. The catastrophic economic dev... (+more)

Spanish universities are to listen to a different drummer

The Spanish premier José Luis Zapatero presented his new cabinet on April 12. What at first glance ... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Industrialised Countries Instrument Education Cooperation Programme (ICI ECP) 2008

The European Commission has launched together with the governments of Australia, Japan, New Zealand ... (+more)

Call for tender: study on impact of Leonardo da Vinci innovation projects

The objective of the study is to assess the various impacts of the 2000-2006 Leonardo da Vinci Innov... (+more)

Scholarships for graduates from European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries and Russia

This European Commission call for proposals is addressed to higher education institutions in the EU ... (+more)

Prior information notice on tender to write EU history

This call for tender regards the production of an internal history of the European Commission coveri... (+more)

Still open: ALFA III call for proposals

The objective of the programme is to encourage the development of  Higher Education in Latin Am... (+more)

Erasmus Mundus 2008 Action 4 – last days!

The Erasmus Mundus programme's overall aim is to enhance the quality of European higher education an... (+more)


Eurostat – Statistics in Focus: Senior human resources in science and technology

The recently published Eurostat statistics show that European science and technology workforce is ge... (+more)

HIS: Public / private funding of higher education

Astrid Schwarzenberger, HIS (Ed.): Public / private funding of higher education: a social balance ... (+more)

OECD on Tertiary Education in the OECD area

OECD has just come out with a report on Higher education based on an investigation into about 30 OEC... (+more)


Upcoming events

5-9 May 2008ADEA 2008 Biennale on Education in Africa: "Challenges and Approaches to Expanding ... (+more)