Edition 90 - October 2008

News from ACA

From Aid to Partnership: the aftermath of ACA’s last EPS in 2008

For a last time in 2008, ACA convened experts and stakeholders in its series of European Policy Semi... (+more)

DAAD - Yes! Go!

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has recently published a brochure entitled Yes! Go! A Pr... (+more)

Swedish Institute opens meeting place for foreign students

SwedenInTouch.se is the new, updated alumni network for international students, scholars and profess... (+more)

New ACA project on international student services

International student services are becoming key for the attractiveness of an institution, which does... (+more)

Enhancing Baltic academic-business cooperation

Lithuania’s national LLP agency, the Education Exchanges Support Foundation (SMPF), in collaborati... (+more)

A special ACA anniversary

This month marks a special anniversary for ACA: joining the Secretariat as its Director in October 1... (+more)

European Policy

Commission advocates new international strategy for science and technology

On 24 September, the European Commission published a communication entitled A strategic European Fra... (+more)

“Let’s Go!” Campaign

In November 2007, ESU (European Student Union) and EI (Education International) had launched a campa... (+more)

The European Parliament on mobility and higher education reform

On 23 September 2008, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution on the Bologna Process and o... (+more)

The Council of the European Union gives an extra push to researchers’ mobility

Following the intensive work carried out by the Working Party on Research within the Permanent Repre... (+more)

European Commission on EU-Africa partnership

One year after its communication From Cairo to Lisbon – The EU-Africa Strategic Partnership (pleas... (+more)

Jean-Marc Rapp new EUA President

From April 2009 onwards, Jean-Marc Rapp of Switzerland will be the President of ACA’s sister organ... (+more)

Jazzing up the field of Maths, Science and Technology

The European Round Table (ERT), a forum of 45 leaders of major companies of European parentage, rece... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

Germany wants to double education spending by 2015

Education ministers of the German Länder (regions) and the Bund (the state) convened on 22 October ... (+more)

Education brand for Canada

“Imagine Education au/in Canada” and a stylised maple leaf - the new education brand inviting in... (+more)

Commonwealth scholarships reinstated

Good news for students from the Commonwealth countries: from 2009, the Commonwealth scholarships wil... (+more)

More fuel to the rankings debate: new results available

After the results of the annual Shanghai Jiao Tong University, released in August (see ACA Newslette... (+more)

Beginning of the academic year endangered in Israel

“Academic year will not begin on schedule” announced the University Heads Committee (UHC) and th... (+more)

Turkey: Constitutional Court puts its foot down on headscarf ban

The Turkish Constitutional Court – the highest judicial authority in Turkey – sparked new contro... (+more)

Internationalising higher education: the case of Singapore and Turkey

The global competition for international students is getting fierce as increasingly more countries l... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Still Open: Call for independent research grants and coordination actions

The European Research Council (ERC) has recently published a call for proposals for the ERC Starting... (+more)

Erasmus University Charter – 2009 call for proposals

Part of the Lifelong Learning Programme, the Erasmus University Charter call for proposals for 2009 ... (+more)

‘Lifelong Learning’ Programme — Call for proposals 2009

The European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme applies to all types and levels of education... (+more)


From Vocational to Higher Education: An International Perspective

Moodie, G. From Vocational to Higher Education: An International Perspective. Open University Press,... (+more)

OECD on the mobility of the highly skilled

OECD, The Global Competition for Talent - Mobility of the Highly Skilled, OECD, 2008. ISBN:  9-... (+more)

Quo vadis, quality?

Costes, N. and Helle, E. (eds.). Quality Procedures in the European Higher Education Area and Beyond... (+more)

Entrepreneurship and Higher Education

Potter, J. Entrepreneurship and Higher Education. OECD, 2008. ISBN: 9-789-264-044-098. Pages: 336. ... (+more)

US – China education cooperation

IIE. US - China Educational Exchange: Perspectives on a Growing Partnership. IIE, 2008. ISBN: 0... (+more)

International Assistance and State-University Relations

Bastiaens, J. International Assistance and State-University Relations. Routledge, New York, 2008. IS... (+more)

Dutch tertiary education under the microscope

OECD. Reviews of Tertiary Education – Netherlands. OECD Publishing, 2008. ISBN: 9-789-264-039-254.... (+more)

International Handbook of Universities 2009

IAU. International Handbook of Universities 2009. 20th edition, London, Palgrave, 2008. ISBN: 9-781-... (+more)

What are universities for?

Boulton, G. and Lucas, C. What are universities for?. LERU, Leuven, 2008. The League of European R... (+more)


Upcoming events

1-4 November 2008Canadian Bureau for International Education: "Shaping Worldviews: Diversity an... (+more)