Edition 91 - November 2008

News from ACA

Mutual recognition of Swiss and French university diplomas

As a result of a new framework agreement between the University Rectors’ Conference of Switzerland... (+more)

Farewell to the EHEFs?

The three-year European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) project, which has been funded by the European ... (+more)

Follow-up on EU-Asia higher education cooperation

The EU-Asia Higher Education Platform (EAHEP) is the youngest initiative for supporting higher educa... (+more)

Registrations are open for "What’s New in Brussels 2009"

Since the launch of the seminar series in 2004, the first European Policy Seminar each year provides... (+more)

European Policy

Universities rankings on the EU agenda?

As anticipated, the creation of a European universities ranking remained at the top of the French hi... (+more)

Universities and governments shall increase their efforts for Lifelong Learning

At its autumn conference in Rotterdam, the European University Association (EUA) launched a Universi... (+more)

First meeting of the ASEM rectors’ conference

Asia-Europe higher education collaboration is gradually being systematised. Following on to a meetin... (+more)

Important changes at DG Education and Culture

The new Director for Lifelong Learning (policies and programmes - Directorate B) Hélène Clark has ... (+more)

Lisbon Council: University systems rankings

According to the Brussels-based think tank the Lisbon Council, Australia, the United Kingdom and Den... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

Record number of international students in US higher education

On 17 November, the Institute of International Education (IIE) published the 2008 Open Doors data. T... (+more)

Greeks reacting against Curia decision

A recent judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) against Greece on diploma recognition trig... (+more)

Spain to set up national agency for internationalisation

The Spanish Ministerial Council has approved the establishment of a new national agency for the prom... (+more)

Overseas students under surveillance in the UK

The fingerprinting of overseas students (i.e. students coming from outside the European Economic Are... (+more)

The Romanian executive vs. the legislative on education - the Tower of Babel?

Precisely when the education fairy seems to have finally heard the demands of teachers and universit... (+more)

Are Italian schools just “dead wood to be axed”?

Italy’s Premier Berlusconi and his Education Minister Gelmini (see May edition of the ACA New... (+more)

What to expect from Barack Obama on higher education?

In the midst of the world financial crisis and its economic implications, the conflicts in Afghanist... (+more)

Female brainpower à la Saudi Arabia

The foundations for the world’s largest women-only university, the Princess Noura Bint Abdelrahman... (+more)

Nordic countries step up research efforts

The Nordic countries of Europe do not falter in their efforts to stay abreast of competition in rese... (+more)

Austria – juggling with student quotas

The full extent of the new Austrian University Law (UG), which was passed shortly before the electio... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Still open: Call for independent research grants and coordination actions

The European Research Council (ERC) has published a call for proposals for the ERC Starting Grant, w... (+more)

Still open: Lifelong Learning Programme 2009 — next deadlines

The European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme general call for proposals was launched last... (+more)

European Commission support for European associations

The European Commission has published a call for proposals for the "Structural support for Euro... (+more)

Call for tenders: events organisation and promotion actions

The European Commission is launching a call for tenders with the aim of entering into a multiple fra... (+more)


Education and employment in OECD countries

McIntosh, S. Education and employment in OECD countries. Unesco - IIEP, Paris, 2008. ISBN: 978-92-80... (+more)

UNESCO: Education for All - Global Monitoring Report 2009

Deep-rooted inequalities persist in education, condemning millions of children in the world to dimin... (+more)

Academic and professional careers of European Schools' graduates

Study: Analysis of the academic and professional careers of the graduates of the European Schools, B... (+more)

International comparison of academic salaries

Rumbley, L., Pacheco, I. and Altbach, P.  International comparison of academic salaries: an exp... (+more)

How to get more students in Science and Technology

OECD. Encouraging Student Interest in Science and Technology Studies. OECD Publishing, 2008. ISBN: 9... (+more)

New findings and good practices for promoting innovation

OECD. Innovating to Learn, Learning to Innovate. OECD Publishing, 2008. ISBN: 9-789-264-047-976. Pag... (+more)

Lessons learned from India-UK research collaboration

Gore, T. Global Research Collaboration: The UKIERI India-UK Initiative – Lessons from Practice for... (+more)


Upcoming events

1-3 December 2008National University of Ireland (NUI) conference: "Leading Universities in the ... (+more)