Edition 98 - June 2009

News from ACA

ACA study on transnational education available for download

In the course of 2007-2008 ACA carried out a first-of-its-kind comprehensive overview and analysis o... (+more)

Higher education projects for development receive EUR 25 million

Braunschweig University of Technology, University of Hohenheim, University of Kassel, Cologne Univer... (+more)

Making ends meet – ACA seminar on the financing of international students

Have you ever wondered what one student costs? Then you might know what the costs of one internation... (+more)

What guarantees the highest rate of international student mobility?

The Higher Education Information System (HIS), a Hannover based company specialised in higher educat... (+more)

A new ACA publication: the professional value of Erasmus

ACA has always attached a high importance to the European Union’s programmes in education, trainin... (+more)

European Policy

Less ‘green’ in the Bologna Process Stocktaking Report 2009

The overall picture sketched in the 2009 Bologna Stocktaking Report seems less ‘green’, when com... (+more)

EU and Mexico: bilateral agreements on education and culture

Jan Figel', European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, has signed two joint d... (+more)

The future of Europeans – skills supply

The level of qualifications and skills is rising across Europe, particularly among young people, and... (+more)

Labels for good use of mobility facilitating tools

On 11 June the European Commission awarded 65 institutions from 16 countries with European quality l... (+more)

At last: Community legal framework for research infrastructures

Convened on 29 May 2009 in Brussels, the EU Competitiveness Council reached a political agreement on... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

A roller coaster ride through German higher education

On 4 June, education ministers of the German Länder (regions) and the Federal Government adopted a ... (+more)

Australia: joint efforts against attacks on foreign students

The recent violent attacks against dozens of Indian students enrolled at Australian higher education... (+more)

A university in the Sahara desert

The envisioned University of Tifariti is to be situated on a small strip of desert land in Western S... (+more)

EUR half a billion for Nordic research and innovation

On the 12 June 2009 researchers and entrepreneurs from the five Nordic countries gathered in Oslo to... (+more)

Higher education makeover in the UK

Given the troubled political waters in the UK, with the MPs expenses scandal and the results of loca... (+more)

Iceland: education, research and innovation to counter economic meltdown

The fate of higher education in the current economic crisis, and higher education’s possible contr... (+more)

New Higher Education Minister for Sweden

Tobias Krantz, MP for the liberal party of Sweden (Folkpartiet), was appointed Minister for Higher E... (+more)

Over GBP 200 million for Northern Ireland’s universities

Last month, Employment and Learning Minister, Sir Reg Empey, announced a significant increase in his... (+more)

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs goes headhunting in universities

At times of global economic downturn, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cristian Diaconescu,... (+more)

US higher education advancements abroad and at home

During his speech, A new beginning, held at the University of Cairo in early June, US President Bara... (+more)

Germany – popular as before, but not more

The enrolment of foreign students in Germany has been stagnating at a high level in the past years. ... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Still open: Call for proposals on developing the European Qualifications Framework

The European Commission has launched a call for proposals (EAC/06/09) for actions to develop and imp... (+more)

Still open: Call to support European cooperation in Education and Training

The European Commission is calling for proposals (EACEA/07/09) in the area of support activities for... (+more)

Call for tenders: Implementation of the action plan on adult education

The European Commission has launched a public open tender for further measures to implement the acti... (+more)

Call for tenders: Support for VET European credit system

The European Commission has launched a call for tenders regarding support of the ECVET (European Cre... (+more)

Call for proposals: Cooperation in higher education and training between EU and the industrialised countries

The 2009 Industrialised Countries Instrument - Education Cooperation Programme (ICI-ECP) call for pr... (+more)

Call for experts for the EIT

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is calling for applications for the establ... (+more)

Call for tenders: EQARF network

The European Commission calls for tenders for the provision of support for the network of the Europe... (+more)


EUA: Collaborative doctoral education

EUA. Collaborative Doctoral Education. University-Industry Partnerships for Enchancing Knowledge Exc... (+more)

Distance and e-learning in transition

Bernath, U., Szücs, A., Tait, A. and Vidal, M. (Eds.) Distance and E-learning in Transition. Learni... (+more)

Globalisation and europeanisation in education

Dale, R. and Robertson, S. (Eds.) Globalisation and Europeanisation in Education. Symposium Books, U... (+more)

Higher education in Europe 2009: developments in the Bologna Process

Eurydice. Higher Education in Europe 2009: Developments in the Bologna Process. Brussels, Eurydice E... (+more)

Intercultural dialogue on campus

Bergan, S. and Restoueix, J-P. (Eds.) Intercultural dialogue on Campus. Council of Europe, 2009. ISB... (+more)

International handbook of higher education

Tight, M., Mok K.H., Huisman, J. and Morphew, C. (Eds.) The Routledge International Handbook of High... (+more)

Social justice in international education

Volkman, T.A., Dassin, J. and Zurbuchen, M. (Eds.) Origins, Journeys and Returns: Social Justice in ... (+more)

University governance

Paradeise, C., Reale, E., Bleiklie, I. and Ferlie, E. (Eds.) University Governance. Western European... (+more)

Learning to compete in European universities

McKelvey, M. and Holmén, M. (Eds.) Learning to Compete in European Universities - From Social Insti... (+more)


Upcoming international events

6-8 July 2009UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education + 10: "The New Dynamics of Higher Educ... (+more)