AIM: the ACA Internationalisation Monitor


The ACA Internationalisation Monitor (AIM) is a service designed to help universities and colleges in Europe evaluate and improve their internationalisation strategy. The AIM looks at your strategic aims, your activities and your structures and processes in internationalisation and helps you develop those further, or put them in place, should you only be starting. It also assesses the link between your overall institutional strategy and your particular one for internationalisation. The AIM is

  • non-normative. It measures the success of your internationalisation efforts against your own aims and targets.
  • a light and fast exercise. It puts no strain on your resources and it will be delivered in less than three months.
  • a made-to-measure service. We adapt our methodology to your needs, in line with the mission and the profile of your institution, and we decide on the approach together with you.
  • high quality. It is delivered by key international experts with substantial experience in internationalisation.

Which areas and activities does the AIM cover? As we said, it is you who ultimately decides on the focus of your AIM. Areas and issues we are suggesting for your consideration are

  • mobility: attracting and recruiting international students and staff; student and staff exchanges;
  • curricula: English-medium programmes; double/joint degrees and other “mobility windows”; area studies and comparative studies; teaching of foreign languages;
  • export of education: branch campuses; collaborative delivery; distance and online education;
  • other: partnerships and networks; student services; information, communication and marketing;
  • organisation and governance: structures, bodies and actors; decision-making processes.

The AIM in its standard form focuses on internationalisation in teaching and learning. We are also able to include research function on request, or any other specific aspect you wish to explore more in depth, which is not included in the “standard AIM”.

Steps and stages

Step 1: identification of aims

We will identify the key aims of your internationalisation strategy by means of a one-page questionnaire to be filled in by you. You will provide us with your (international) mission statement as well as with any other policy documents you deem important.

Step 2: start-up visit

During a 1-day start-up visit, we will meet with the central-level decision-makers of your institution (rector, vice-rector international, board member(s), head of international office, amongst others) to deepen our understanding of your aims in internationalisation. At the end of this visit, we will agree with you on the persons of your institution to be interviewed by us. You will also provide us with a set of figures and information relevant to your key activities in internationalisation.

Step 3: interviews

During a two-to-three day visit, we will interview a representative sample of staff (central and faculty level), students and administrators of your university. At the end of this visit, we will provide you with a first preliminary feedback. 

Step 4: report and recommendations

We will provide you with our analysis in the form of a concise report of +/- 15 pages, the most important parts of which will be our conclusions and recommendations for the future internationalisation of your institution. Before delivering the final version, you will receive a draft for comment.

Our report and recommendations will relate to those aspects of internationalisation which you have set as a priority for your institution. They will, amongst others, cover the following

  • assessment of your strategic aims and their consistency with your overall institutional aims;
  • assessment of your international activities (implementation of strategy) and their adequacy to reach your strategic aims;
  • assessment of the structures and processes put in place;
  • recommendations for the further development of your strategy and activities.


The AIM will be delivered only by highly reputed and experienced international experts. The choice of experts delivering your AIM will be agreed with you. By way of example, here are some of the experts we hold on offer

•     Bernd Wächter, Director, Academic Cooperation Association, Belgium

•     Neil Kemp, Visiting Fellow, Institute of Education, University of London

•     Hanneke Teekens, Director Communication, NUFFIC, The Netherlands

•     Rolf Hoffmann, Executive Director, German-American Fulbright Commission


The AIM will be delivered in English. However, we will, if possible, assign an AIM service only to an expert with at least a reading knowledge of your language.


The price of the standard AIM service is 8,800 Euro, plus travel and accommodation cost. The price of an AIM service additionally including research, and/or to investigate specific aspects more in depth, is to be negotiated.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this service.