Foundation for federal co-operation (ch Stiftung)

Dornacherstrasse 28A
Postfach 246
4501 Solothurn
Area Code: blank
Phone: +41 32 346 18 00
Fax: +41 32 346 18 02

The ch Foundation for federal co-operation ( is a Swiss intercantonal organisation that…

  • …is founded and based on all 26 cantons
  • …is headquartered in Solothurn, about 30 km from Berne
  • …promotes communication and understanding between Switzerland's different linguistic communities and cultures as well as intercantonal and canton/Confederation cooperation
  • …is committed to the concept of federalism and implements educational, vocational and youth programmes at national, European and extra-European level

The ch Foundation’s Swiss Competence Centre for exchange and mobility bundles the whole range of programmes in a customer friendly manner, both at national level and in the European/extra-European context ( The Centre administers the domestic and extra-European educational and vocational training programmes and is responsible for implementing the EU's educational, vocational and youth programmes (LLP and YiA).