What's new in Brussels? Recent developments in European policies and programmes

Brussels, 20 January 2012

Since the launch of the ACA European Policy Seminars in 2004, What’s new in Brussels? has been marking the start of the seminar series every year. 2012 will be no exception to this rule. Once again, the seminar will live up to the promise in its title. It will provide you with rich information on and in-depth analysis of the latest policy and programme developments in European higher education.  

2012 will be a decisive year for the future of EU engagement in higher education. In November, the European Commission submitted its proposal for the “Erasmus for all Programme” (2014-2020), which is to succeed the Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus Mundus and other “external” collaboration schemes. Last month also witnessed the Commission’s proposal for “Horizon 2020”, the 8th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. In the two years to come, the negotiations with the European Parliament and the Council will take place over these schemes.  

The 2012 edition of What’s new? will present the European Commission’s initial proposals, as well as reactions from student representatives and a national agency. Likewise, it addresses the issue of a loan scheme for Erasmus Master students. But there is also follow-up to do. Where do we stand on the Bologna Process, 13 years after its launch? Is the European reform process in the Lisbon Strategy context, recently re-labeled as “education and training 2020”, still on track? And what will be the likely practical outcomes of the recent Commission Communication on higher education?

As usual, you will receive the news and analysis “from the lion’s mouth”. First-order experts from the European Commission and highly experienced researchers and practitioners of the European scene will put you “in the picture”.

32nd in the series “European Policy Seminars” of the Academic Cooperation Association