What's new in Brussels? Recent developments in European policies and programmes

Brussels, 24 January 2013


ACA European Policy Seminars are all well-attended. The first one every year, What’s new in Brussels? , is always heavily oversubscribed. So register fast to be sure to secure a place at What’s new in Brussels? 2013, to take place on 24 January in  the city with the same name.

As its subtitle says, this seminar is to update participants on the latest “developments in European policies and programmes”.  This year, there is important news galore. The negotiations over the new European education and research programmes Erasmus for all and Horizon 2020 are likely to be in the last and crucial rounds at the time of the seminar. Also in the final stages of preparation will be the new EU strategy for higher education cooperation with non-European countries. Jo Ritzen, the former Dutch education minister, will provide the opening keynote speech on his vision for stronger European universities.

Jo Ritzen is not the only luminary speaking at the seminar. As usual, you will get the news from high-level experts, many of whom “come from the source”, so to speak, i.e. the European institutions, national ministries, and NGOs in Brussels.

36th in the series “European Policy Seminars” of the Academic Cooperation Association