ACA European Policy Seminar - Crisis management in international higher education

Brussels, 13 October 2016


International cooperation in education or any other field, in all its beauty, was never without its perils. Crises of different kinds and magnitudes are part and parcel of moving globally and out of one’s own yard. Despite decades of dynamic international activity of Europe’s higher education institutions (HEIs), there seems to be a recently renewed need for discussion and exchange of information about crisis management in higher education. HEIs are looking for the right approaches in dealing with crisis situations, in an attempt to move beyond immediate, ad hoc responses towards a more strategic approach at the institutional level. 

For this reason, this ACA seminar provides a forum for the much needed debate on this dark aspect of internationalisation in higher education – potential risks and the level of contingency involved in international activities of HEIs. Individual tragedies, natural disasters and health hazards, political turmoil and accidents, to name but few of the ugly faces of crisis, remind us that going international demands preparedness, responsibility and good division of labour at the higher education institution. 

ACA European Policy Seminars are platforms for European and global discussions. This seminar is no exception. Our speakers from different parts of Europe and from the US bring along extensive international experience, relevant expertise and sound presentations. A mix of plenary sessions and workshops, the event will offer the opportunity to listen to valuable first-hand experiences as well as to engage in practical activities.