ACA European Policy Seminar Quality in international university partnerships - newlyweds, happily married, in marital counselling or on the verge of divorce

Brussels, 13 October 2017



In a “the more, the merrier” paradigm, the sheer number of international partnerships of a university has been regarded for (too) long as a key indicator of internationality. Nowadays, it is clear that the European higher education sector as a whole has moved forward, shifting the focus to the quality of collaborations rather than their number. However, it is not as clear-cut how to distinguish, in practice and at the institutional level, between the truly strategic and efficient partnerships and ‘the rest’. In the pursuit of “comprehensive”, “strategic”, “encompassing”, “ethical” internationalisation, European higher education institutions are faced with some opportunities, but also with some tough decisions, including those that pertain to international collaborations.

This one-day Brussels seminar of ACA will provide a platform to reflect on and critically discuss the main trends in international partnership development within European higher education, with a particular focus on the role of quality-related considerations in these developments. Prompted by knowledgeable, captivating and engaging speakers, the programme will address the following key questions:

•What kind of partnerships are European universities currently pursuing and (how) have the patterns of collaboration evolved over time?

•What are the drivers of change in international partnership approaches?

•How is quality pursued in international collaboration and is quality enhancement a main objective in collaborations?

•What does quality look like in practice, and whose "job" is it?

•How to strategise partnerships?

•Which evaluation models to utilise and how reliable are these models for strategic decisions?

•What can we learn from practice? What are the key ingredients for successful cooperation and what should be learnt from "failures"?

as well as any other important queries that you may have.

The programme features a mix oplenary and parallel sessions. The latter offer an excellent opportunity to showcase inspiring institutional and/or programme examples, via a Call for proposals.

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54th ACA European Policy Seminar (EPS)